Iron Rich Dishes

My mission to increase my red blood cells continues…

Each day, I eat either a handful of dried red dates (about 4 or 5) or drink a few cups of red dates + black dates tonic.  In addition, I eat an egg  every morning and season the egg with half a teaspoon of organic blackstrap molasses. Then there’s my Sangobion tablets (2x a day), seaweed, red bean soup, double boiled chicken essence and liver soup, iron-rich dishes and my Izumio and Super Lutein.

There is a red meat dish placed on the dining table each day. Here are some of the dishes that the mil wokked up…

Minced beef with Portobello mushrooms and red + yellow bell peppers…

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Organic purple long beans tau kok lup with pork, prawns, carrot, peanut and dried radish (all diced).

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Double boiled pork liver soup with lean pork and ginger…

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I have never liked pork liver (tastes too yucky), still dislike and will never like it but I am under pressure by some relatives to eat pork liver.  So I summoned the courage to get some pork liver earlier this week and got the mil to double boil it.  I played cheat and gave some of the soup to Alycia and Drama Queen 😜

Turmeric chicken, pig bone marrow soup with lotus root, sauteed sweet potato leaves with fu yi and chilli, sauteed pucuk paku and vegetable omelette. Green vegetables and bone marrow are a rich source of iron too.

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Turmeric chicken cooked with turmeric from my parents’ garden in Ipoh and lovingly pounded by my papa for us. He had spent hours on end peeling and pounding the turmeric for us.  With the instant ground turmeric on hand, cooking turmeric chicken isn’t that kitchen-messy and time consuming anymore. Thank you papa for the aromatic turmeric 💓💓 I look forward to replenishing our stock soon 😉

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Sauteed organic pucuk paku.

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A big thank you to my mil too for lovingly and patiently prepping all these dishes, red dates tonic and double boiled soups for me 💓💓  My stamina is slowly but surely making a comeback.  I can now jog in the morning without feeling breathless 💪💪 and I can say good riddance to the heart flutters too, thank God!


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