It’s Not The Toothbrush, She Wants Attention!

One morning last week, as usual Alycia refused to brush her teeth before going to school. Daddy didn’t like the idea of Alycia going to school with a stinky mouth and insisted that she brushed her teeth. So he brushed Alycia’s teeth and Alycia was grinning from cheek to cheek and didn’t puke. It was indeed a rare occasion that daddy brushed her teeth and she was obviously very happy. Now I know that maybe it wasn’t the toothbrush after all that made her puke every morning. Maybe all she wanted was just some attention!

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15 thoughts on “It’s Not The Toothbrush, She Wants Attention!

  1. True. When children want attention, they tend to do something funny. Wayne blinks his eyes, Karl shakes his head to get our attention. All these time I thought it was bad habit but when we just ignore it, these habits tend to stop.

  2. or maybe it’s still the toothbrush, she can’t manage to brush her teeth properly therefore she feels like she’s gonna puke, but with her dad brushing her teeth it’s a different story, looks like her had was really gentle.

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