Jealous Streak

Sherilyn is super jealous of cousin brother Ernest. Whenever I play, talk or smile to Ernest, she would go “mar… mee…” in a pathetic tone with drooping lips and teary eyes as she touches my hand. She got even more jealous and was so distressed whenever Ernest uses her things like her favorite bowl, her highchair, her cup, her pillow, etc. I just can’t believe she would get jealous so easily as she has never displayed any signs of jealousy whenever she sees me showing my affection towards Alycia. What’s going to happen if I have a third child? I bet she will go crazily jealous of her new sister or brother.

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7 thoughts on “Jealous Streak

  1. I think children are very sensitive at this age.. and not uncommon to show .. they want attention as quicly as you show another.

  2. i think it’s normal for her to get jealous, especially if her cousin uses her stuff. she does not find Aly as competition, and besides aly plays like a grown up sister to her.

    You can avoid jealousy when it comes to having a third child, you can slowly introduce her to her baby bro or sis, like by kissing your swollen tummy for something.

  3. maybe she’s not use to someone younger than her gettin all the attention. she has no ‘stand’ maybe. nevermind, if the third one comes along, she’ll be alright.

  4. poor girl. she has been the baby of the family all these while so when a younger child is around, she’s not used to it.

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