Law Of Attraction

Geez, it’s really creepy!

On Sunday, the hubs brought us to Low Yat Plaza to shop for a handful of computer accessories for our 2 desktop computers at home.

While looking around the computer accessories, this keyboard with dancing fluorescent lights on the keyboard caught my eyes.  The lights would blink randomly on the keys, like disco lights. Awwww, I wanted it!   The girls were besotted with it too.

Next to the dancing lights keyboard, we saw a keyboard with bright neon colored keys on it. Awww, I wanted this too!!

But no, the hubs said NO as the wireless keyboard that he had bought for me isn’t even a year old. Fine, I rest my case.  Plus he’s about to spend a few hundred bucks on a new speaker for Alycia’s computer, a new web cam for my desktop computer so that I can Skype from my computer, a super cute Hello Kitty handphone cover for me and a few other stuff for our electrical gadgets at home.

The next day, I discovered that the Num Lock key on my keyboard was not working! Jeng jeng jeng, isn’t this creepy? I was yearning for a new keyboard with neon colored keys and my existing keyboard died on me the next day!  This is too coincidental to be true!  I may have a better chance of getting the hubs to get me the dancing lights or neon  keyboard now! 😀

Talking about the Law of Attraction.  I better start focusing and yearning to earn a 5-figure per month income  now. Who knows I really have the power to attract my wishes from the Universe 😉


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