Light Meals For Me

As my belly is becoming bigger each day, I can only stomach light meals but frequent meals throughout the day.  A heavy meal would leave me feeling really uncomfortable and at times have slight heartburn.  After breakfast of a hard boiled egg, some fruits, a glass of fresh milk, a handful of almonds and some cookies almost everyday, I would only have appetite for something really light for lunch like Canapés with butter, chicken floss and Japanese cucumber or a piece of toast.   I really admire some preggy women who can eat a big plate of nasi lemak for breakfast,  a big bowl of noodles for lunch and a big plate of rice with 3-4 dishes for dinner.  I can never eat like this, during all 3 of my pregnancies. 

Did you have a good appetite when you were preggers? 

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6 thoughts on “Light Meals For Me

  1. I couldn’t eat well during the first trimester (and hence lost about 2-3kg). 2nd & 3rd trimester was so much better that at one point I gained almost 3kg in just 2 weeks! got a “scolding” from my gynae 🙂

  2. wahh…vy healthy food…as for me, i had big appetitite, but i watch what i ate after my 20kg during 1st pregnancy. luckily 2nd time it was 10kg only pheww……or else dunno how to shed it off

  3. wow..this look so delicious to me. yeah…with d growing tummy, can’t eat much otherwise will feel very bloated. I am feeling very sleepy most of the days….as if the leisure of 2nd trimester going to end soon 🙁

  4. Mine is the worst. During my 1st pregnancy, I hardly eat anything cos I had the stupid vomitting till 7 mths. But then hor,… every morning i must have a big packet of nasi lemak and cup of kopi o. But then hor …after 1 hr I will vomit again. What a waste.

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