Little Devil

This little devil gave me yet another heart-stopping moment  today, plus two yesterday!

Yesterday, she ran out from the kitchen, slipped on the slightly wet floor and almost hit her chin hard on the marble table. She scared the sh*t out of the mil and me!  Minutes later, she rolled off the chair and fell onto the floor.   Just a moment ago, she ran towards the trampoline but tripped and hit her eye brow hard on the hard metal rim of the trampoline.  The skin just above her eyelid turned blue black instantly.  Thank God she did not land on her eye ball, else…. *sweats*!!   This devil has bruises, bumps and grazes from head to toe, I kid you not. And in most of the accidents, she did not even cry, and even if she did, she would stifle her sobs to herself, without letting me know, lest she got chided by me with all the “I told you NOT to do this and this and this. See what happens now?!”

This is the reason why I can never travel anywhere leaving her behind. She needs someone to watch over her all the time.  On top of her daredevil stunts, she also has an issue with her bladder.  Being her mother, I know that no one else can do what I am doing for her now. I am contemplating to join my parents and younger brother on a trip to Japan next May and the only person holding me back is this little DEVIL.  The hubs asked me to bring Cass along. Oh, should I? Will I enjoy my trip? That will cost double, around RM10k just for the two of us.

Baby girl Cassandra, I pray that you will grow up healthily and overcome your bladder issue as soon as possible.  I pray that you will be a good girl and grow up quickly, accident-free.  I can’t wait to traverse the world again.

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8 thoughts on “Little Devil

  1. Surely you can find someone reliable to look after Cass for such a short trip? I am one for adults getting away, so I will definitely vote for going off on your own! It is hard to sever the “umbilical cord”, but hey, it has to be done! I know you will find it nerve wracking, so why don’t you go away for a trial weekend without the kids and see how it goes. Others may disagree, but I do say you owe it to yourself!!

  2. Totally agree with Chris. If you just bring Cass, it wont be fair to the older 2 jie jies. If you bring all three, it costs a bomb. I am sure your MIL can kao tim your 3 girls .. worse, ask your hubs to take some leaves from work to help … you deserve a holiday!!

  3. make it a family trip! you all deserve it! my hubby always say money can be earned…..anyway, it’s been a while since you all travelled overseas ya? 😉

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