Low Fat Or Full Cream?

Each time I drink low fat milk or eat low fat yoghurt, my mil and well-meaning relatives would be commenting that I should not be consuming low fat dairy products since I am breastfeeding exclusively.  They tell me that I should be eating full cream dairy products so that my milk would be thicker, thus fills Baby C up longer.  Is this a fact?  I had read from breastfeeding sites that a nursing mum does not necessarily need to consume full cream dairy products. In fact water is sufficient, together with a healthy and sensible diet.  So the hubs does not buy me low fat fresh milk anymore.  He’s only buying full cream milk for me.  That’s one of the reasons why my weight just won’t budge despite me exercising everyday! 

This milk even comes with DHA, Omega and all that jazz that’s supposedly nourishing to the heart and brain.

Read Baby C’s developments here.

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7 thoughts on “Low Fat Or Full Cream?

  1. Yeah, low fat dairy products is as good as full cream when u breastfeed. That’s what the lactation consultant at DSH told me………..

  2. err..No wor. The maternal n child health nurses here recommend low fat. For what u become fat for (not that you are)? Full cream for kids ok la..but not adults wor…

    You’re right..water is good enuff. Tell your relos..not like cows drink milk to produce milk – right?

    hee hee hee…

  3. I cant stand drinking regualr plain milk before or druing breastfeeding..to force myself to drink milk, I only take milk with choc or banana flavour. But most of the time during my breastfeeding years, i only drink MILO without sugar or milk. Never took low fat stuff.

  4. I love the taste of full cream milk – the low fat version of Goodday (with red label) is less rich, which to me is bleagh!

    How does the low-fat Farmhouse taste like? My Hubby is always grumbling how tough it is for me to find an alternative milk brand. I’m so, so fussy!

    Good for you if you can drink low-fat 🙂

  5. Oh please, drink lo-fat! It’s good for u, and also for the baby. Years ago we were told to give kids reg. milk(not lowfat) but now, with childhood obesity and such, it’s low-fat for everyone! Another thing of note, choc. milk is just as healthy as reg. white milk. That’s all I could drink when I was pregnant and the doc said drink choc milk if I can keep it down.

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