Make Good Use Of Thy Time

I always wished there were more than 24 hours to a day so that I can do more for my gals, more for myself & DH and lastly get more SLEEP. I hate to see precious time being wasted, I don’t like me or my gals sitting around not doing anything purposeful. This perhaps, may be contributed by the fact that I once worked at 3 large organizations where time was of the essence and I was constantly put in a pressure-cooker, always rushing to meet deadlines for my bosses and always had to do multiple tasks at any one time. I rarely had the luxury to go out for long lunches with my colleagues and most of the time, I had my lunches behind my PC, one hand typing / checking e-mails and one hand biting a quick and easy-to-eat lunch.

I like to read to my gals when they are having their meals, drinking their milk or sitting on their potty doing their little poopy business. This is what I normally do with my gals to maximise our time :

Flashing cards on shapes to Alycia & Sherilyn before their afternoon nap.

Sherilyn fixing an educational board puzzle whilst doing her little poopy biz on her potty, with Alycia lending a helping hand.

Call me a kiasu, crazy mummy!

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8 thoughts on “Make Good Use Of Thy Time

  1. Hehehe!! that’s unique..! as for me.. when chloe is drinking her milky.. that would be a few mins of rest for us.. 😉

  2. Mamabok… that’s understandable coz u dont hv a kakak 4 Chloe. Sometimes when Im lazy, I too will rest & let kakak kau tim the gals, hah!

  3. shireen, thats a good idea. i always see both your gals getting very close to each other. I wonder do they fight ?

  4. wah..super mum. You make me feel so guilty… Really, I have not done as much as what you did to your girls

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