Math Is All About Practice

I try to ensure that Alycia and Sherilyn practice solving Math equations at least 3 times in a week. This is in addition to their school Math homework. I think anyone can be a Math wiz if he/she keeps practising it.

Alycia in full concentration…

The Math questions that I set for her. Do you think it’s too hard for a Primary 1 kid? The questions are a tad harder than the ones she’s doing in school now but I think it’s good to give her something more challenging to stimulate the wires in her brain haha! I want her to keep up with the A that she scored in her exam recently.

However, for the past 2 days, my kids’ butts have been glued to the couch and eyes glued to the tellie. I have been super busy with my online store for the past 2 days and haven’t had the time to read to them or coach them in their homework. Today, I MUST help Alycia complete her very first school project before the deadline, lest she gets reprimanded by her teacher!

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9 thoughts on “Math Is All About Practice

  1. You are a great mom..although you are super busy with your online store,but you always manage to get free time to review lesson with ur gals…

  2. you never fail to impress me with your amount of energy!! yes, my math was not good when I was in primary 1 but my mum forced me to practice a lot and it did help… all the best

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  4. Such a hardworking mummy and daugther team! She’ll be a math whiz if this continues.
    Err… just wondering, are her eyes alwiz so close to the paper?

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