MCO Day 15 ~ 1 April 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown in almost three quarter of the world seem to be the biggest April’s Fool Joke for the entire world’s population this year. If only this pandemic was indeed a joke and when we wake up tomorrow on 2 April 2020, things would be back to normal again. If. Only.

Today I watched a viral video on an Indian astrologer’s prediction on the Covid-19 pandemic. According to this astrologer, he was very certain that this worldwide pandemic will be over on 1 May 2020. He was talking about the movements of the planets and how the positioning of the planets caused the pandemic and new positioning of the planets in the days to come would mean that the pandemic will be over.   I know that I can only believe 50% of what this astrologer predicted but nonetheless, I am still glad to have watched this video with such comforting and assuring words in volatile and depressing times like now.

Anyway whether the pandemic will be over by 1 May or continue to no ending in sight, we have to be prepared for the worst. But I try to remain positive everyday. Sitting in front of my PC reading news updates is starting to bore and worry me even more. My eyes sting and get blurry from having too much screen time. So today I decided to do something productive to kill time, like washing air cond filters and wiping the ceiling fans in all 3 bedrooms.  Tomorrow I’m going to wash the balcony floor. Only God will know when Maria, our beloved part-time helper of 8 years can ever come back to help us.

I have not climbed up the ladder to wipe ceiling fans for over 20 years as I’ve always had full-time or part-time  helpers to do this chore.  Actually this will not seem like a chore if you condition your mind to enjoy it as a form of exercise. The thought of  sweating buckets and having fat and calories burnt really got me going  and moving🏋🏼‍♂️

Breakfast was toasted bread with bacon, eggs and baked beans, cooked by my other half.

Dinner of stir-fried zucchini, grilled chicken thighs and leftover Hakka pork.

Today, Ganesh, my bachelor neighbor who stays opposite our unit rang on our door bell and gave us all another surprise — a bag of 10 croissants (super yums!) and a loaf of wholemeal oats bread 😆  According to Ganesh, he bought a few cartons of croissants and bread to help out his friend who is a supplier of bread and pastries during this difficult time. God bless his heart.  Now we really have a goodly supply of bread, pastries and pau in our freezer.

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