MCO Day 64 ~ 21 May 2020 (Thursday)

When  hubs told me to get ready as he was on his way from his shop to our condo to pick me up to collect my baby from the car repair workshop, I was ecstatic! I have not seen my car for almost a month after it was struck with a ‘car stroke’ that rendered it partially paralyzed. The electrical system had to be replaced and a new car battery was replaced as well.  The ‘hospital bill’ dented hubby’s wallet. Had he chosen an original part, the damage would have cost over RM5k!   The bill is now half of this amount.

I excitedly took out my red denim mini skirt and a crop singlet ready for a spin out of our neighborhood but the red skirt slid down my waist!  These days, having a valid excuse to get out of the house gives me a dose of endorphine rush. I was never this excited before Covid19. In fact I always yearned to stay home and not having to drive anywhere.  I used to make up to 10 trips out of the house daily for school and tuition runs and errands.

I couldn’t believe my eyes that the red skirt slid doesn’t fit my waist anymore.  I had a quick measurement of my waist and lo and behold – it’s now 66 cm, down 4 cm from 70 cm!   This is how much I’ve lost ever since I practised Intermittent Fasting and intensified my daily workout. The current MCO and CMCO devoid of a daily part-time helper provided me with more calorie-burning boost. All the chores that Maria used to do are now done by yours truly.

Mind you, I had brought the red skirt to the tailor to have the waist tightened last year and yet I can’t wear it snugly now.  I bought this skirt 3 years ago, before my fibroid removal surgery.

When I was back, a late lunch awaited me. Sherilyn had cooked a pot of Korean style noodles with the Gochujang sauce that she made from scratch last week. She pan fried some slices of pork belly and homemade dumplings to go with the noodles.

Ingredients used in the noodles soup: homemade Gochujang paste, homemade anchovies powder, organic dehydrated Wakame, organic radish, eggs, big onions, spring onions, glass noodles and pan-fried thinly sliced pork belly.  I gave it a 5/5 rating. The taste is almost 100% similar to the real deal!

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