MCO Day 80 ~ 5 June 2020 (Friday)

This morning’s jog was cut short when it started to drizzle.  Oh how I dislike wet mornings!  I continued running for a short while in the drizzle until it got heavier.  Getting a minimum of 30 minutes run each day is as important as getting my daily supplements. My daily workout is akin to popping a daily happy vitamin 😊.  When I got back from my morning jog today, brekkie was served!  Our in-house chef has prepped a luxurious gourmet breakfast for me and she later prepped something light and healthy for lunch 💝

Breakfast menu:
* Tartine rye toast with smoked salmon and poached egg with homemade Hollandaise sauce and dill;
* Banana walnut bread baked with organic almond flour, organic multi-purpose flour and organic coconut sugar, thus the dark color.

Lunch menu: grilled broccoli, carrots and onions drizzled with Hollandaise sauce and steamed sweet potatoes.

Banana walnut bread was baked two days ago. Today Sherilyn heated up a slice in the oven for my brekkie.

My guilt-free snack of grilled vegetables ~ I can eat grilled vegetables everyday and never get bored of it.  Everyday can be a different combo – from zucchini to pumpkin, beets, sweet potato sticks or wedges, sweet corns, etc.  The variety of vegetables used, herbs and spices used to flavor the vegetables are just endless.

The girls also prepped something for our in-house guards –  potato chips and tortilla with yummy tuna mayo dip, decorated with dill and seasoned with freshly ground black pepper.

Boxed juice and yummy snacks for our friendly hardworking guards. They are also happy beneficiaries of boxed food from hubby’s shop whenever there is surplus food.


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