MCO Day 84 ~ Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Today marks the last day of the Conditional Movement Control Order.  Effective tomorrow, 10 June through 31 August 2020, our country will be placed in a Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) phase.

Today our country recorded no cases of Covid-19 transmissions among locals, over the last 24-hours.  According to our very capable Health Ministry Director-General Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah today, he expressed confidence in Malaysia achieving zero transmissions in the near future.   Here’s to Malaysia following suit New Zealand’s latest declaration of a nation that’s free from Covid-19 soon!   New Zealand prime minister on Monday (yesterday) announced her country had no active cases of the novel coronavirus and that the country is moving to lift almost all restrictive measures after midnight yesterday. I’m so happy for hubby’s relatives who are residing in New Zealand. I can’t wait to hear this from our very own prime minister too in the weeks to come  🙏

The littlest brat was insomniac again last night (repercussion of prolonged home quarantine) and it was almost midnight. As online classes resume the next day (today) after a 2-week break, I shooed her to her room and threatened that I won’t be waking her up in the morning. If anyone’s late, he/she won’t be allowed to ‘enter’ the class. I thought she wouldn’t care but this morning I heard two alarm clocks blaring away at 7:45 a.m.   She does care after all ☺️

The Education Ministry will announce tomorrow on when schools will reopen for Form 5 and Form 6 students.  Alycia ain’t very happy that her freedom is about to come to an end but life has to return to how it used to before Covid-19.  She still has to sit for one of the most important exams in  her life (SPM) by the first quarter of next year. I wonder how long more Cass has to be engaged in online learning. I can’t decide if I should be happy or sad that she, too, will be going back to school soon. And I can’t decide if I should continue to let Alycia and Cass take the school van or be a full time Grab mom for their safety sake but lose all my me time and freedom that I used to have pre-Covid19.  Decisions, decision, decisions!!

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