Megakidz @ Mid Valley Megamall

This is one of the highlights at Megakidz @ Mid Valley – the Fantasia Land.  Parents were not allowed to follow the kids into the room as there will be a ‘tour guide’ to bring the kids around but since our gals were the only ones going in, we talked the tour guide out and I followed the gals in.   The room was pitch black and the only ‘lights’ that lit up the room were the balloons that could glow in the dark and the glowing stick bangles that the kids wore on their arms.   It was a very ‘christmassy’ atmosphere inside the dark room.  As I could barely see anything, I just clicked, clicked and clicked my camera not knowing what I had snapped and thank God the pictures turned out so well and colorful! 

We would definitely be bringing the kids to Megakidz again. At around RM26 per kid per entrance, it was well worth the money spent.  Security is also very tight and other than the parents and the guardian with a special code (known to them and the person manning the entrance) maids are not allowed to bring the kids out.  If you plan to bring your kids to Megakidz, remember to bring socks for your kids and for yourself.  We paid RM5 for a pair of cheap white colored socks for our maid!

For those who want to celebrate their kid’s birthday at Megakidz, there are birthday packages available but quite costly, at around RM30+ and above per kid.

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14 thoughts on “Megakidz @ Mid Valley Megamall

  1. heh .. thanks for sharing, the place look great, i like the baloon , tie up so nice . Merry X’mas and happy new year.

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