Miss Dilly Dally

Sherilyn has a habit of dilly dallying in everything that she does, everything. She dilly dallies so much that I had to wake her and Alycia up from bed half an hour earlier than the usual time beginning this week (7:15am instead of 7:45am), so that they won’t be late for school anymore. Normally Alycia would be ready and waiting for her sis and Sherilyn would be dilly dallying and whining away… which would result in them reaching school or everywhere else that we were supposed to go to LATE, haih!

But for one thing, Sherilyn would be all excited and raring to get ready without me nagging her to hurry up infinity times… which is to get ready for her ballet class. Way to go Sherilyn!

Sherilyn putting her tutu on her own and getting ready for her ballet class last week. If only she would give urgency to other things as well, I don’t have to blow my stack all the time and yell like a mad woman, haha!

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9 thoughts on “Miss Dilly Dally

  1. Hi HFM,

    Do you really scream at your girls (the older ones) and scold them when they are naughty? I ask because I do that to my little girl sometimes especially when she’s misbehaving and throwing tantrum. And in return, my elders (not my father-in-law) would scold me back for scolding my daughter, saying she’s still young, no need to scold her. Wow!! If we don’t teach her from young, do we wait till she’s a teenager to scold and teach her?
    Especially my daughter is already having her way almost all the time and she’s really good at doing that and she’s only 2 and a half……it’s really frustrating for me!

  2. VonVon…yes I scream at Sherilyn all the time. I am not the type who likes to nag, scream and use the cane. I like to discipline my kids in a more refined way, but not all kids can be disciplined the ‘soft’ way. Sherilyn is one of them. She would only do things after I have yelled at her and bring the cane out. I tell her everyday to be a good girl, that mummy doesn’t like to shout and use the cane but she doesn’t listen. She’s driving me nuts!
    Luckily Alycia is the more sensitive type and listens to me. She will be in tears the moment I raise my voice at her. She will go ‘hysterical’ if I use the cane, haha.

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