Molding and Sculpting With Blue Tac

The hubs is hooked on blue tac sculpting! Since Saturday through today, he has been molding ย fruits, pastries, flowers and cartoon characters out of blue tac whenever he had the time. And Cass is the happiest kid in town to have daddy playing blue tac with her! ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out what he churned out from Cass’ colorful blue tac, with strips of colorful blue tac, a blade, a toothpick and a ruler.


Check out the green rose with intricate details. Can you see the ‘stalk’ spiraling all the way down so neatly to the end of the toothpick? And the garoupa fish too. It looks so real with curves at the right places and has patterned fins and tail.


In case you missed my ancient time posts on hubs, let me tell you again that he is one very creative bloke who is artistically talented. And one of the reasons why I fell for him was his bunch of cards, art and crafts that he made to woo me many, many moons back, when I saw still a teenage mui mui jai, ๐Ÿ˜€





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3 thoughts on “Molding and Sculpting With Blue Tac

  1. When I read this it kept bugging me that my kids used to love this series of books where all the pictures are done with plasticine sculptures. Now that I am home, I figured it out! Try and look for books by Barbara Reid. Even online you can see some of the illustrations. Enjoy!

  2. Can see your husband is really very good at making sculptors. Cass must have taken after him in this area since she is good in this area too.

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