MSG and Preservative-Free Soya sauce and Oyster Sauce

Some mommies have e-mailed me to ask me what brand of preservative-free and MSG-free oyster sauce and soya sauce I use.

For oyster sauce, I buy the brand Sin Tai Hing. So far, that’s the only brand I know of that’s preservative and MSG-free.

For soya sauce, I use either Kikkoman naturally brewed soya sauce or organic soya sauce.

Both sauces need refrigeration after opening.

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3 thoughts on “MSG and Preservative-Free Soya sauce and Oyster Sauce

  1. Thanks for posting this up 😀 I’ve seen the “Taste Me” brand before but didn’t know it’s MSG free 😀

  2. I love the Kikkoman one. The local one is ABC it’s obviously full of MSG :D. Btw you post a lot in a day! I can’t even find where’s the last post that I commented :D. You must be really addicted to blogging.

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