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After rascal #2’s thumb got squashed by a steel door about 2 years ago (the bone of her left thumb cracked a little and the nail was yanked off.  It was a bloody scene at home and in the hospital.  Eeeeeekssss!), I have developed a strong phobia of my kids’ fingers being squashed by doors. Since then, almost every door in our house has a door stopper and all our bedroom doors have 2 door stoppers – one in front and one at the back, where the door hinge is.

Most of the conventional U-shaped door stoppers are for the front of the door. The back of the door where the door hinge is, that’s where the finger accidents happened most of the time to Sherilyn and Alycia. Before I found out about this amazing door stopper for the hinge, I used 2 U-shaped door stoppers – one in front and one at the back. On some doors, I used a floor door stopper, ie those where you place on the floor to stop the door from moving. But the U-shaped door stoppers are often breakable and they tend to drop off the door when there’s strong wind and the door slams hard. As for the floor door stopper, my kids tend to play with them (esp Baby) and they always go missing.

When Cosway sent me a brochure the other day, I saw this door stopper and I knew I must get a set:

The plastic door stopper is hooked at the door hinge and it’s pretty child-safe in that it prevents the door from closing and the gap behind the door is big enough not to get a toddler’s finger pinched from behind when the door moves.

When you want to close the door, simply remove the door stopper and hang it on a holder next to the door.  A set of 2 door stoppers only costs RM6.90.

All our bedroom doors are now affixed with 2 door stoppers – one in front and one at the back. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I want no second time waiting at the hospital ER with my kid with blood everywhere on the hospital floor!

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8 thoughts on “Must Have Door Stopper

  1. I bought this cheap S$2 door stopper, made of (I think) some foamy material whichis very very durable. IT’s in the shape of a C and is tight on the door, easy to take out and easy to put on, and u can jst whack it on at any height. When the wind blows, there’s no noise and no door slamming also coz it’s soft material. Pity I bought only one, but it’s pretty good till now.

    Glad you found suitable ones and at such a reasonable price too!

  2. gosh… finger caught at door? must be real painful .. i think each of us experienced this pain before..either drawer closing on our fingers or door, car door or room doors… and u mentioned #2 again? hahhaa… no 2 is always in the limelight, right?

  3. Looks very practical. I used the hard rubber U-shaped thingy for the top of the door..worked well, stayed put. It wasn’t so much for my kids as it was for their friends who were in and out all the time! Now, my hubs lost his nail slamming his own car door on his finger….that I don’t think anyone can come up with a safety gadget for!

  4. This will come in handy. I remember once I accidentaly close my car door on Tim. Fortunately I reacted fast and save his fingers. I warned my kids never to put fingers at the door hinge and I have to be alert all the time.

  5. This looks really useful. I’m concerned about having the little fingers snapped at the back of the door. Will it work? If so, Cosway is just across the street from my office so will get some.

  6. Paik Ling.. the fingers will not get snapped at the back of the door. The stopper has created a gap big enough that even adults’ fingers will not get trapped. It works really good on doors. You shd get a set. It’s only RM6.90.

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