My 2 Brats

Many strangers who see Alycia and Sherilyn for the first time always commend how well-behaved, demure and ladylike they are. Oh pul-leeeasse…. I always tell them wait till you see them when they are at home. From demure, angelic cute little things, they immediately transform into brats and monsters the moment they step foot into the house and can effortlessly turn the house upside down within minutes.

Talking about disciplining my gals, they tend to turn deaf temporarily when mummy speaks in a nice, motherly, cultured tone. It’s only when I transform into a monster mummy that my gals do finally hear me. So can you imagine what my neighbours think of me, the petite charming lady from that house with 2 sweet little gals? You know, that house where you hear yellings, threats and bribes the whole day long?

How do you control 2 brats who are ever active, rumbustious, destructive, rebellious, temperamental, wilful and samseng (tom-boyish)?

This was what happened a few days ago when I was busy writing a paid post and had neglected my 2 brats for an hour or so.

This ‘train’ is actually the case of a 3-tier toyogo drawer set, pushed down.

Alycia the ring-leader got stuck in the case and cried out for help but evil mummy said “serves you right” … and then pulled her out and gave her a good lecture.

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3 thoughts on “My 2 Brats

  1. Jeriel also the same…in front of stranger…wow to ‘kuai’ etc…But at home, wow, disaster…

  2. Hey..Shireen,
    I would rather they behaved outside.. hahahha!! but you gotta give your gals brownie points for being so innovative eh.. 😉
    And my house ain’t that close to the neighbours.. so they can’t hear me screaming at my brat.. 😉

  3. Chanel… i guess most toddlers are like that? CHinese say ‘moon hau kau’ (dog at the door only, dare not bark or bite, hehe…)

    Mamabok… lol… u r rite, my gals are somewhat very innovative & imaginative. Save daddy buying a toy train.

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