My 2 Helpers

That’s how Alycia and Sherilyn entertained themselves while I was busy with Baby C yesterday.  Alycia who is a clean freak told me that her toys and box to store her toys were very dirty.  My maid was busy, so I gave the gals some wet wipes and they were more than happy to wipe their toys with the wet wipes.  They even went a step further and wiped the windows, the floor and the iron grills till I stopped them.

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7 thoughts on “My 2 Helpers

  1. Hi
    Alycia & Sherilyn grown up. They know their mummy’s busy, so they’re doing their work very tidy. See how neatly Alicia does her job. This’s a positive sign of helping mentality. Congrats !!! Alycia & Sherilyn…good job.


  2. hahaha….your first girl is just exactly like u. I remember u mentioned that you were still scrubbing your washroom in your late preg when your maid have not finish her work!

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