My 4.5YO Baby Girl

My little rat was so tired helping mummy fold clothes that she dozed off.  I just had to snap her picture as I think she looked too cute, just like a baby sleeping in a fetal position.  At 4.5YO, my baby girl still sleeps this way and I really miss her being a baby (though she’s brought me along for a very, very rough ride when she was a baby).  I love having a baby to cuddle, to smell and to coo with but but but NO NO NO, I ain’t going to have another baby, no way!  It is the process of raising them up and ensuring that they have good, tertiary education that gives me the big shudders * shivers and quivers with cold sweat *!

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7 thoughts on “My 4.5YO Baby Girl

  1. Oh my! She looks adorable. But you really did good job bringing them up, despite the fact that they were all different in terms of character, personality, & capabilities.

    Can you imagine three sisters but they are uniquely different.

    * pause * I’m hoping you don’t mind me going on and on and commenting on irrelevant things. Hehe…

    But I have always feel Alycia is study-material but do not restrict her to just studies. You can help her by sending her for extra activities which she likes so it actually gives her a choice of careers which she can work on towards the future. Nope, they are not too young to be talking about careers cause you will never know. Giving her the experience with different things will give her a boost.

    As for Sherilyn, I have discussed about her before. Generally, she might show signs that she doesn’t really like studying. Sorry, don’t mean to be rude or to ‘curse’ but for her success doesn’t have mean being a great scholar or being a doctor/lawyer. That’s totally not her style. Watch over her studies but she does also will excel well if she gets to do her favourite things. Its good for her to try child modelling or even acting ( I’m sure your friend could help out keke… ). Generally why so is because she loves the arts. She likes to perform so why not. Don’t try to restrict her and hide her talent.

    As for baby girl Cass, you need to understand your baby girl well. For her age, parents tend to not recognise how important it is to send her for extra activities at her age. Who say you can’t mold a child to who she will be in the future? You can but not with too much pressure and stress. Let her be exposed to the arts, sciences, maths in a very fun way so you can see for yourself what is she talented in. Languages is also another subject you can expose Cass to.

    There are parents who don’t take well to their child’s talents so they choose to ignore expecting their kids to only study and study. Study is important and essential but in order to give them a better environment and future, its important to equip them with other skills as well. Your kids will have to face a different future than their parents cause everybody is educated and competition gets more intense. So get them prepared.

    Hehe, sorry for that longggggg speech.

    Ciao~~ ^_^

  2. She is absolutely cute sleeping in this position. I love cuddle baby too. I love smelling my youngest child, as he still have some baby smell compared to my eldest.

  3. sooooo cute! i know what you mean about babies. i miss my babies (although the girls can act like babies at times!) but i’m so done too. 🙂

  4. same thinking here .. I dont mind the preggie process and labour pain, but the responsibilities that come with another baby just put me off …

    Baby C is super cute … folding clothes can fall sleep one meh?!

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