My Cutie Pie

Baby started to learn dressing herself up several weeks back at 2yrs 4 months.  She looks too cute each time I see her trying to wear her pants by herself.  She would push me away and refuse my help as she says “I wear myself” whenever I try to help her.  She’s smart enough to sit on a chair or lean against the wall when she wears pants.  But at times, she will put both her legs into one side of the pants and look really silly and hilarious, like this….

And then her movements will be restricted with both her legs squeezed in one side of the pants, yet she will remain cool and nonchalent… but everyone surrounding her will burst out in a loud guffaw seeing this silly girl walk round the house in small steps like a little geisha….

My cutie pie, who never fails to make us laugh with her antics….

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13 thoughts on “My Cutie Pie

  1. a slight difference as compared to shan rae. he loves to choose his own clothes!! and he will insist on wearing certain clothes. he will never allow us to take off his shirt and leave him naked walking around *hehe*

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