My First Mother’s Day Card From My Blog Reader!

When I received a pink envelope with my name written on it 3 days ago, I wonder who had sent me a card. It was sent to our old address. I thought it was probably a card from those jewelry shops or from my insurance agent. When the envelope was ripped off, I was pleasantly surprised to see a handmade Mother’s Day card with hand-written words. It was from one of my blog readers, turned customer and cyber-friend. I would never had expected to receive a Mother’s Day card from my blog readers. ย  e-Cards I have received plenty but a card sent by snail mail, that’s a rarity in this day and age!

On the first page of the card was a neatly hand-sewn cross-stitch letter of S, which is the initial of my name Shireen. The rectangular piece of cloth has neatly sewn sequins on the 4 borders.

On the inside of the card was a hand-written note to me. The card was post-dated to 13 May 2012, which is the actual day of Mother’s Day. I cannot tell you how touched I was to have received this hand-made card.ย  Thanks very much ST!

To all mothers out there, here’s wishing you a very happy mother’s day. I wish you’ll have a very joyous time celebrating this special day on Sunday! Let you hair loose, forget about the laundry and dusty floor. Pamper yourself from head to toe or simply have a special meal with the loved ones of your life.

** Happy Mother’s Day to my own mummy and thanks for being a loving and caring mother as well as granny to the girls ๐Ÿ™‚

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7 thoughts on “My First Mother’s Day Card From My Blog Reader!

  1. I can understand how you felt when you received the Mother’s Day Card, especially from someone who isn’t related to you but treat you as one. I’ve been receiving such sweet and thoughtful gifts all these years from someone(not related) who’s thoughtful enough to remember me on birthdays and Mother’s Days! Cheers and have a great blessed Mother’s Day, Shireen!

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