My Homecooked Dishes

These are some of the simple and wholesome homecooked dishes that I whipped up recently:

Stir-fried leek flower and celery with homemade fish paste.

Bean sprout omelette.  This dish was created after a grandma whom I’ve known at the morning mobile market saw me buying bean sprouts. She then told me to try making bean sprouts omelette. Well, it was tasty… and wholesome too.

An assortment of mixed veggie. 
I had cooked a big pot of sauce with meat, mushrooms and egg ala Cantonese style for the yee mein for lunch in the afternoon. Since there was still so much sauce left, I blanched some brocolli, red capsicum and celery and poured the left over sauce into the wok and dumped in the blanced veggie. Then mix them well and served this as a new dish for dinner. It was delish too!

Our steamed 10-grain rice.

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