Never Leave Your Toddler Unattended!

This is a back-dated post and the incident happened a few weeks back.

I had just taken my bath and didn’t shut the bathroom door tightly when I went down to the kitchen to get some salt water to gargle for my strep throat. My maid was having her bath downstairs and DH wasn’t home yet. I had told myself I’d only be in the kitchen for less than a minute and the gals seemed happily playing in my room, they wouldn’t even notice that mummy had sneaked downstairs.

Boy was I wrong, so wrong to think of that. When I got back to my room, Alycia was screaming away… “mummy, Kay Yi went inside the bathroom, she play with water”. I looked at Sherilyn and I was horrified to see my baby girl all drenced with water and water was dripping down her body and the floor in my room was wet. I tell you, I felt numb as I was guilt stricken yet felt terribly thankful to God that He had prevented a fatal accident from happening. I felt as if I was almost hit by a fast moving truck along the highway. My baby could have fallen into the big pail of water and drown instantly. I then yelled at Sherilyn and told her never ever to go into the bathroom again to play with water. I know it was all my fault, lack of foresight, naiveness, everything, you name it, all my fault but I had to channel my shock and guilt to somewhere, so I just shouted and berated at poor Sherilyn. That night, I couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking of all the ‘what ifs’. I had imagined if luck wasn’t on Sherilyn’s side, I would have instead found my poor baby, head down in the pail, motionless with her legs sticking up as I discovered her, and then my DH and all my relatives would be blaming me for causing the death of my baby and then I had gone cuckoo from depression. Aiyoh… i tell you till today, i have a phobia of big pails of water.

So the moral of my story is NEVER EVER leave your toddler(s) unattended, not even for a few seconds coz all it takes is just a few seconds for an accident to happen and that could cost you your lil’ one’s precious life.

The uncovered pail of water in my bathroom that Sherilyn played with.

Always lock/close the lid of the pail tightly to prevent your toddler from opening it.

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7 thoughts on “Never Leave Your Toddler Unattended!

  1. wow…it could be very dangerous. i dare not have full paid of water at home, as qiqi always love to play with water in the bathroom (especially washing hands on the basin).

  2. oh boy…that was sure lucky, that pail of water is really big!!! Thats why I never have bath tub in my house, it’s too dangerous, esp if they can slip and fall. Just shower will do, but I really miss those big pail of water…..

  3. Yah.. very dangerous..! when chloe started to be mobile.. i made PB buy all the safety door knob thingie.. to be put onto the bathroom door.. the basement door..and also door to our bedroom. So she doesn’t get to open anything.. that she shouldn’t. And till today.. the basement knob and the bathroom knob still has the safety thingie on. Prevention better than cure.. i always tell PB.

  4. Yesterday, I pestered DH to get his staff to fix a lock outside the bathroom door in our room. Now, the door is always locked.

    I too dont like to keep big pails of water in my hse but the water pressure in my house, esp upstairs is damn slow and lately there has been very frequent water cuts due to burst pipes, so no choice.

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