New Cordless Keyboard and Cordless Mouse

The hubby surprised me with a set of new cordless keyboard and cordless mouse  yesterday. When I got up in the morning, I saw a shiny keyboard and mouse without the usual messy entangled wires on my work table!

I suspect that my occasional stiff shoulders are caused by lunging forward to use the keyboard and mouse whenever I am seated on the massage chair in front of the computer. My shoulders will turn stiff and achy if I work continuously on the computer for hours on end.  Our body should be upright and not lunged forward in a 45- degree pose.

Now I can work comfortably on my computer while I get my shoulders, arms and back massaged by my portable OTO massage chair and have the keyboard and mouse  placed right in front of me comfortably without having to stretch out my arms and neck! Bliss!



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3 thoughts on “New Cordless Keyboard and Cordless Mouse

  1. Your husb is such a sweetie! Mine would never think of it unless he is told. But, he is ok if I were to go and get something for myself. And mind you, I do!

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