New Disney Swim Suit

Last week, daddy bought the gals new swim suits as they have outgrown their old ones.  Moreover, the old ones are skimpy bikinis and thus not wind-proof.  Daddy has always wanted to get them a full body-suit where their bodies will be all covered up so that they will not catch a cold when they get out from the pool.  When I saw this cute Disney swim suit with a picture of Minnie Mouse on it, I fell in love with it immediately.   Daddy who is always over-protective of his 2 princesses even got the gals a matching Disney swimming cap each and a pair of goggles each.  Daddy spent over RM300 on the swim suits, swimming caps and goggles.  I can’t believe kids’ swim wear are so costly these days.

I think the swim suit looks a tad like a professional skater’s costume, don’t you think so too?

Alycia was so crazy over her new suit, cap and goggles that she wore the suit at home for a few days and pretended to swim and surf in them.

The gals can even wear the swim suits for their outings as they look more like dresses than swim wear. 

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13 thoughts on “New Disney Swim Suit

  1. They look absolutely adorable! I always used to freeze in those two piece suits when I was a kid, I think those one piece ones are a great idea!

  2. The swim suit is made of material that helps retain body heat, so that the child’s body will not be cold in the water. it would be far too warm to wear as a dress for non-swim activity. Your child’s body will overheat in the hot and humid Malaysian climate.

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