New Math Workbooks

These are the Math workbooks that I got the girls from MPH on Friday. Hubs said purchase of books can get rebate from Income Tax, so off we went to a books shopping spree and spent close to RM500.  We received some cash vouchers from MPH and we shall shop for books again soon.

The Kumon workbooks cost RM24.90 each, frigging expensive eh?

The contents of the Kumon Math workbook. Kumon is all about practising and practising till your hands turn numb!

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6 thoughts on “New Math Workbooks

  1. Am surprised that there are actually Kumon books…here I had to take the kids to the centre once a week. I hated the “parent participation” part but like everything we mums do, it was good for the kids. Here is a suggestion..photocopy the pages and re-use them. Kumon math is all abt repetition, so make those pages work for u!

  2. yeah, i saw the books in MPH, wanted to buy but then i thot of sending my son to kumon so i didnt buy. maybe i shd, just for school hol only

  3. Yup. Kumon books are pricey, but are quite attractive. Do your girls attend Kumon? I found some really cheap books at Popular-but of course, the quality was not as good as the Kumon ones

  4. hi there. i just did a post in my blog about kumon books for toddlers and found your site. did you find any kumon books for 4 year olds in MPH? I saw them in Amazon but I think it would be cheaper if I bought it from a local bookstore.

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