No Regrets Getting A Wireless Router

Since we moved into our new condo a year ago, my internet has been connected using a wireless router. My hubs had to buy a wireless router because of the location of my desktop and the location of the wall socket, which is not side by side anymore like it used to be in our old house. Initially, I was really apprehensive on the stability of the internet connection using a wireless router. Now, I am glad to say that the internet connection using a wireless router is MUCH stable than using a non-wireless router. So far, I have not had any major problem with my internet connection, knock on wood!

A wireless router is a combination of a router and a wireless access point, allowing devices to remotely connect to the internet and each other without the need for messy cables. A wireless router is NOT a wireless access point, which is a device that creates a wireless network (WiFi) and connects it to a wired network. For home use, most people will use a wireless router, unless you plan to have multiple access points.

If you are looking to upgrade or buy a new wireless router, I would suggest you to do some reading first to gather some information before deciding on which one to buy. And oh yes, don’t forget to get a VPN firewall (virtual private network) in addition to the above mentioned products to protect your files.

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