Novelty Attracts

I cannot tell you how important it is for Baby to be drinking LOTS of fluids. Baby has a past history of Grade III kidney reflux, persistant UTI attacks, 2 surgeries and 2 post surgery UTI attacks. After all that she had gone through, I now have a better control of managing those pesky bacteria. With Baby, I have to force her to chug down gallons of water the whole day, which is very imperative in flushing out those pesky bacteria. But it’s a battle for me as this fler does not like to drink water. The only fluids she’d drink without any coercian are mummy’s milkie and soups.

So how do I get her to drink water everyday? I just have to be extra diligent in filling up her sippy cup with plain water, barley water and coconut water and putting the spout to her mouth throughout the day. Tell her “Baby drink water”, her ears will auto-shut to this instruction. My latest sure-works tactic is by saying “caaaaaane coming….” and she’ll make a dash to her cup haha!  I’ll see how long this works on her.

I also find that novelty attracks her. Give her cute cups, new cups and new tumblers, she will happily gulp down whatever you ask her to drink. Just like here where she poured water from her sippy cup spout into a tiny Yomeishu measurement cup and finished off all the water!

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10 thoughts on “Novelty Attracts

  1. I also haf a hard time getting Joshie to drink water…….honey or fruit juice no problem at all but I can’t be giving him those all the time….=( And Joshie also drinks a lot when given a new bottle =P

  2. i can feel the same pain to get children to drink more water. Looking at your Baby C, as long as the kid is drinking water, I also don’t mind they wet the clothes or floor.

  3. At least inexpensive cups r oso considered novelty to her. 🙂 Hv u tried using the vitagen or yakult btl? After they’ve finished their vitagen/yakult, my kids love to fill up their btl (a few rounds) with plain water.

  4. at least she’s scared of the cane…. my william not scared of cane (not that we used that on him before, but he thinks that’s a toy) and he’s not scared of me, not even when i scream at him, talk to him sternly, scold him… sighhh…

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