Nuts Over Nuts

From left to right : Raw organic brazil nuts, raw white pumpkin seeds, raw organic green pumpkin seeds, Menglembu groundnuts and raw almonds.

That’s my stock of nuts and seeds. Since I am on a high protein and low carb diet, nuts and seeds are the best and most convenient snacks to munch on to rid myself of hunger pangs. Nuts and seeds are rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin B, zinc, fibre, magnesium, protein, selenium, iron, phosphorus, etc. etc. However eating too much may cause gout as they are high in protein. Since I am on a high protein diet, I drink juice from half a lemon every morning as lemon juice is known to neutralize uric acid (caused by protein). Yup, i kid you not, i am a real health nut and i am nuts over nuts.

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10 thoughts on “Nuts Over Nuts

  1. wow….you really are a nutty mommy hahahahah. i didn’t know we can munch on nuts when on atkins. oh..maybe during induction we can’t but after that it’s fine?

  2. Good luck on your diet. But raw nuts work best and I am not too sure about Fried Kacang Mente. I love almonds but they are expensive here.

  3. are really a health freak mummy hor. So do you eat organic food as well? I really hope I can be like you but cannot tahan all the char kueh teow and roti canai leh.

  4. i love nuts too but stop buying now coz afraid ellisa may chomp down one of it & flare up in eczema…poor girl

  5. Cherry… those are roasted groundnuts with shells, not fried, so not that unhealthy.
    ALmonds are expensive here in M’sia too. Where r u from?

    Chin Nee… good snacks alternatives :
    1) Cheese slices (exrra light)
    2) Jap cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, grapefruits
    3) Toasted anchovies
    4) Toasted Seaweed
    5) Low fat yoghurt
    6) Tau foo fa (sugarless)

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