Oh No, Not Again Alycia!

It happened again this morning. Alycia was fine in the morning when she woke up – she finished her milk without any fuss, did her poopie business in the loo and then….. just when Alycia saw the toothbrush in my maid’s hand, she started to fake puking again. In the process of faking it, she actually induced the vomitting sensation and puked her stinky curdled milk onto the kitchen sink, eeuuu! I can’t believe Alycia! How can she hate something so much till she has actually developed a phobia just by the sight of it? Daddy was not happy with Alycia, so was I. But what are we to do? Force her to brush her teeth every morning, at the expense of her health? Puking every morning is really unhealthy. Maybe I should just keep the toothbrush away from her in the morning for the time being.

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14 thoughts on “Oh No, Not Again Alycia!

  1. One way is to also brush her teeth for her. Rae’s dentist says that parents should help kids brush their teeth for them until they’re about seven so as to foster proper brushing habits. I floss and brush the girls every eve before bed, but let them ‘brush’ in the mornings. They use electric brushes also (they hv a very cheap and good turning brush version here, only $7) so it’s not so hard.

  2. Annie… it’s hard to drag Alycia out from bed w/o her bottle of milk. She needs to drink her bottle of milk on the bed with her eyes closed b4 she has the ‘energy’ and mood to get up !

  3. Jenn… I brush my gals’ teeth for them coz if I leave this to themselves, they are more likely to play with the toothbrush or brush their gums instead of their teeth! Maybe I shd try a kid’s battery-operated toothbrush, I’m sure they’ll get fascinated with it.

  4. sounds like my 12 yo bro leh. when he was little, he can puke when he feels like it. how ah?
    but pukin is not very healthy. ya, you should let them try the battery op toothbrush. watson brand batt op toothbrush is considerably good. shern’s usin it too.

  5. Barb… no, she wouldn’t tell me what’s wrong 🙁

    Sasha… she has Disney toothbrush and super expensive First Teeth toothpaste but still not much help.

    Sting…. will def update everyone on Aly’s progress.

    Leena… will def try getting a battery-op toothbrush since many mothers hv highly recommended. I’m just afraid she’ll get afraid of the vibrating sensation in her mouth! Then, sure back-fire!!

  6. hmm… mayb get those cute cute with light toothbrush to make them interested to brushing teeth… tell story or create story about this topic ???
    Gd Luck ….

  7. Slavemom… yes, that’s what i do now. Use a wet hanky to clean her teeth but still, it will still make her puke. ALycia’s very sensitive!

    Anggie… she has a cute toothbrush and expensive toothpaste too but still… i think she just doesnt like having a plastic in her mouth early in the a.m.

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