Only Works Well Under Pressure

Sherilyn is the most ‘lau hei’ (dilly dally) 5yo girl I have ever known. Unlike Alycia who is very anxious whenever it comes to completing her homework, Sherilyn will only have the urgency to start doing her homework at the eleventh hour.

Each day, I need to remind her umpteen times to do her homework. She will take her books out but barely 5 minutes into sitting on the chair, she will surely be distracted by something else.   Sometimes both of us will forget all about her unfinished homework until the next morning.

This fler woke up at 5:45am to complete her homework one morning.   Without wasting any time, she wrote at the quickest speed I had ever seen and within 10 minutes, she completed her homework!  If only she could have this speed and enthusiasm everyday.  This little girl is the type of person who will only have the zest and enthusiasm to do anything at the eleventh hour.  Oh well, some people are just like that…  they only work well under stress and pressure!

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15 thoughts on “Only Works Well Under Pressure

  1. Can see the cute little hand holding the drink replaced by a coffee cup, the pencil with a pen and the person on the chair with a creative professional…The mind works best when there’s a deadline to meet. 😛

  2. Hahaha, she sounds exactly like me! My parents didn’t really bug me when I was a kid as long as I remained in the first class and didn’t bring home any red marks 😀

    However, life turned out quite tough because the stress isn’t healthy in the long run…

    I have gastritis and thyroid problems 😛

    Now, I’m more organized but I have no idea what to do if I have a kid like me! Luckily, my boy is quite sensible but who knows about the girl, right?

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