Our Saturday – 19 Nov 2016

We had a light dinner at Seng Kee Kitchen, our favorite neighborhood Chinese tai chau restaurant on Saturday.  Prior to that, hubs brought home some roast leg of lamb from his shop for us to try. It was roasted using a new industrial combi oven that he had recently purchased. Thus, we were already half full by dinner time.  We  ordered a fried turmeric and minced ginger chicken dish (ayam goreng berempah), 2 types of fried noodles and 2 types of vegetables from Seng Kee.

After dinner, hubs suggested dessert of ice-cream at Inside Scoop @ Avantas Residences. I wasn’t too keen as I was having a very gassy tummy and not feeling in top form. But the girls were seconding their daddy’s suggestion…

At Inside Scoop, Cass bumped into her partner in class, Alyssa (the girl in glasses). Alyssa is also Cass’ bestie these days.  They will both go to the same class next year. They were so excited to have bumped into each other.


Our waffle with 3 scoops of ice-creams…

And hubs’ Root Beer float. OMG, I felt so cloy just by looking at how thick, creamy and sweet it was, thus didn’t try it.

After ice-cream, we bumped into a friend who is staying at a unit at Avantas. We commented on how impressed we were with the facilities, amenities and design of Avantas and she brought us to her unit for a look. She’s a property agent.  Our hearts were even more moved when we saw her tastefully designed her unit is and how well equipped, clean and beautiful the serviced apartment is – just like a 5-star hotel.

Avantas Residence, Old Klang Road, 692sf, RM1600 Partly Furnished

And then we toyed over the idea of purchasing a unit for investment!!

But at RM880,000 for a 3-bedroom unit (measuring only 1,200+ square feet), we can’t afford it!   There is a big plus point though of purchasing a 3-bedroom unit as the developer allows the unit to be divided into 2 separate units and for the 2 separate units to be rented out… which means double income for us!!

But still, it is RM880,000 without taking into account the cost of renovating and furnishing the 2 units!   That will be over a million Shringgit!

Check out the standing swing that the girls are on…

Dang my itchy hands and legs for wanting to take a spin on the swing and I ended up on the verge of puking when I got down from the swing!  Once this spinning swing moves 360 degrees, it is really hard to stop it (it’s like a toy spin) unless someone outside the swing stops it by force. Despite me screaming for help like a mad woman, the cheeky big girl who was video-ing us on the swing refused to help me stop the damn spinning swing!! I was fuming mad with her.  I was already feeling slightly nauseous with a gassy tummy  the whole day and after being spun around continuously for a whole 1 minute, I felt like all my innards were knotted and jumbled up. I felt sick the entire night.  The next morning, I puked after I ate an orange for breakfast, duh!  I should have trusted my twitching eye lids for the presentiment. Cass and I both had twitching eye lids on that day. I have told you before about the uncanny sixth sense that Cass and I have with our twitching eye lids, right?  The next time my eye lid twitches, I’ll just stay grounded for safety’s sake!


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