Our Sunday

Today, we skipped church as Alycia was still having fever and purging in the morning. After taking her medicine, her fever subsided and I decided that we could attend the bloggers’ meet at Bangsar Village.

The moment I stepped into Delicious restaurant, I was greeted with a wave from a familiar face inside the restaurant. It was Barbara (Mummy to ChumsyAshley), the lady whom I’ve wanted to meet for months. I could recognize her as I’d seen her pix before from her blog.  She has never met me before but she could recognize Alycia and Sherilyn, thus the waving to me to direct us to her table. It was a really good gathering and I hope there will be more of such gatherings involving more bloggers in future. Read more about the bloggers’ meet here.  

When we came home, Sherilyn’s body felt hot. I checked her temperature and as expected, she had fever. Aly’s virus must have spread to Sherilyn when she fed Sherilyn with a pinch of cake that she was eating yesterday.  I quickly sponged her, gave her some milk and put her to nap. Though she’s having fever, she was nevertheless still very active and alert. Now, I have 2 sick kittens plus one sick big cat at home. Hubby’s also not feeling well as he’s got another bout of food poisoning and has been purging and vomitting.  Looks like it’s going to be another sleepless night for me tonight!

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5 thoughts on “Our Sunday

  1. oh no..sorry to hear about sherilyn and your hubby. was it because of the food he had this afternoon? It’s tough having to look after so many sick ones in the family. Do take good care of yourself too. *hugz*

  2. Oh dear. Hope ur two girls get well soon..and ur hub too! My boys also got flu yesterday evening..*sigh*

    Nice to see u yesterday, but we are sitting too far, i didnt have a chance to talk to u.

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