Dealing With Generation Z Kids

Yesterday, for the first time Sherilyn had to walk to school. On her own. I know it’s no biggie for most 14-year olds as the school is only a 10-15 minutes stroll away from home. But I do not trust this girl of mine to walk to school alone as she can be pretty impulsive, careless and accident prone.  Our residential area is also a super busy business centre where roads are always congested with vehicles. Would you believe it if I told you that our Drama Queen had  gone to the ER complete with X-ray done every single year for the last 3 years? She also had another X-ray done when she was 1.5 years old when she squashed her own thumb with the steel kitchen door and ended up with a chipped bone in her thumb and the nail eventually dropped off from the thumb.

Yesterday was my annual pap smear and ultrasound scan at my gynae’s clinic. The hubs had an eleventh hour meeting with a client and could not fetch the girl to school. Sherilyn was very adamant that she wanted to walk to school. She’s always asked me if she could walk to school just like many of her friends do. After all, the school is just in the neighborhood and she may very likely bump into a school mate on the road while walking and the both of them walks to school together.

But the hubs said NO to walking to school. Instead, he said to me to ask her to take Grab!! Though it’s just a mere 5 minutes drive to school 🤣

The hubs is very protective over his 3 princesses. He hardly ever allows his girls to go out with their friends. His opinion is: their friends can come to our house anytime but his girls can’t go to the friend’s house. No party, no mall gallivanting, no sleepover (this one I second) and no trips with friends. He says that the world out there is too ruthless (which is very true, especially in a notorious place like KL) and with daily news on how young teens loose their lives to rape, murder, kidnap and accidents, he just doesn’t trust his girls to hang out with friends without us around, until they are at least 18 years old I guess.

Long story short, the girl finally had her first experience walking to school yesterday. In the blistering heat wave at 12:45 noon.  I allowed her to walk to school on condition that she Whatsapped me before she leaves the house and to call me with the pay phone in her school once she reaches school.  Honestly, I had doubts that she’ll call me.  She always finds that I’m over-protective of her when her friends her age are already walking to school and taking Grab to places on their own.  She doesn’t get it why she has to call me even though she’s just walking one block away from the tuition centre to the gym for taekwondo on  some Saturdays. She never called me anyway on those Saturdays when she had to walk from the tuition centre to the gym, which never fails to make my blood boil!  And I don’t get it why it’s so hard for her to call me!

Anyway, I was surprised to receive a call from an unknown number on my mobile phone whilst I was waiting for my turn at the gynae’s clinic.  The Drama Queen kept her promise and called me from school to report her arrival! 😅


Last Saturday this girl with a silver tongue, begged me for permission to attend a gathering with her former primary school classmates at Mid Valley Megamall.  After a bit of drama  with me as usual, I acceded on condition that she calls me when she’s in her friend’s mother’s car and to show me photos of her at the mall.

Here she is, a photo that she Whatsapped to me, with that shit face of hers, as proof that she’s still alive and kicking 🤣

With  Drama Queen, a girl who prefers walking on the wild and risky side instead of walking on safe grounds, I have to be a tad strict with her. She’s quite a polar opposite from her two other sisters.

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Preparing a Dignified Goodbye for a Loved One

One of the most difficult tasks that families face involve preparing funeral plans for loved ones. When someone in the family dies, the survivors are left to finalize services. The entire planning process can be emotionally and financially overwhelming.

When you want to simplify planning a funeral for someone you love, you may appreciate professional guidance in choosing elements that will be appropriate for the circumstances. You also may need to plan the funeral on a relatively tight budget. By choosing a business that can offer tasteful and affordable graveside, memorial, and funeral services westchester il residents like you can get the funeral you want and one in which your family can take comfort and pride.

girl at a funeral

Selecting Practical Components
Part of planning a funeral involves choosing out facets that might be somewhat unpleasant about which to think. For example, you may need to choose an urn or casket for your deceased loved one. Being confronted with the choices might overwhelm you mentally and emotionally.

You do not have to face this choice alone but instead can rely on a skilled funeral director to help you. This individual can explain the pros and cons of each selection and also tell you the price tag of each. Based on this information, you can decide what casket or urn to use for the service.

You also may need to choose a burial plot if the loved one does not yet have one. You may not know what plots the cemetery has open for new burials. Rather than call the cemetery on your own, you can have the funeral business make that call for you to find an available plot.

It may only take a matter of hours to plan a funeral that you can afford. You get professional guidance from start to finish to help you deal with it all effectively.

Planning a funeral for a loved one does not have to be an overwhelming process. You may want to simplify it so it goes quickly yet is still something you can afford. You can find out more about the services available to families like yours by going to the website today.

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Chicken Pongteh Cooked In Philips Pressure Cooker

We had a belated CNY gathering with our usual group of Ipoh friends at Overseas Restaurant @ Jalan Imbi yesterday as we could not find the right timing to have one during CNY. As usual, we chatted about everything under the sun but guess what the hottest topic was?  College and university for our kids!

It wasn’t too long ago when we were all holding our little babies and all we talked about back then was everything about our babies. That was 16 years ago and I can still remember vividly when our friend had her first baby and she and her hubby brought their baby out in a baby carrier when the baby was just a month old. I even remember where we had our dinner that night.  Now, we are talking about finding for the right college and university for our eldest.  And whether we should all do a colonoscopy together and ask the doctor for a group discount! 🤩 🤔

Ok, back to foodie talk!

The next few homecooked dishes posts that you’ll see will be my last few as the mil will be back from Hong Kong today! So glad that I can pass the spatula back to her 😆 though the kids mentioned that they will miss my cooking. They miss grandma’s cooking too. There are some dishes that I can never seem to cook just like hers. She cooks the tastiest fried rice, fried noodles and fried fish. Till today, I can still not pan fry a fish nicely.  She puts in a lot of effort, time and perfection into each and every of her dish while for me, I always find short cuts and rush off the cooking for all of my dishes before school and tuition runs in the evening.

I have not cooked Chicken Pongteh for almost a year and that’s how long the mil had not gone overseas. I almost forgot about this dish until I stumbled upon it while I was watching some cooking channels on You Tube.  I used to cook this dish with the wok and it’s a pretty simple and straightforward dish. You can use any part of the chicken but for best results, use drumsticks.

With a pressure cooker, it is even easier to cook this dish. First, the oil does not splatter out onto the kitchen counter top when the chicken is being seared in the pressure cooker, unlike the conventional wok.  Second, when the chicken is being seared, I can do other stuff like prep other dishes or wash the dirty dishes. Third, the meat of the chicken is tender and juicy. Lastly, it is easy to wash the pressure cooker pot, which is light and does not stick.



You can find tons of recipe on this dish from the internet. I like to go to You Tube as it’s always easier to remember the steps if you watch a video of the cooking.

You just need basic ingredients like tau cheong / taucu (fermented soy beans), dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, Gula Melaka (palm sugar), potato, mushrooms, carrots, garlic and shallots. For me, I used organic miso, organic dark soy sauce, organic shoyu, organic Javanese coconut sugar and palm sugar syrup.

Total time needed on the pressure cooker is around 10-15 minutes  for searing the drumsticks and another 10 minutes for cooking under pressure.

Juicy seared chicken drumsticks with a quick braise, smothered in the most incredible Gula Melaka and miso / taucu sauce that go really well rice or noodles, this is a brilliant back pocket recipe for busy week nights!

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Air Track Gymnastics Mats

Sherilyn missed an opportunity to compete in the Get The Beat semi-finals dance competition in Singapore towards the end of last year as she injured her back during one of the routine dance practices a week before the first dance competition. After an X-ray, several physio sessions and lots of massages with essential oils and cold compress, the lump filled with fluid behind the back finally subsided.

Looking at how she flipped and rolled her back on the hard floor each time she danced sent my  heart skipping one or two beats. It would be good if her dance studio placed a few air track gymnastics mats on the floor during dance lessons for the safety of the students.

Air track mats are inflatable air tumbling mats that can be inflated by pumping air using an air pump.  They are used on the gym floor, martial arts training hall, fitness clubs, dance studios, gymnasium, yoga studio or as home entertainment.

If only the living room of our condo is spacious enough, I can consider getting an air track mat for our girls to do floor exercises, roll, tumble, flip and practise dancing and martial arts. It’s great to double up the air track mat as a mattress too whenever we have guests in the house!

These air track mats can be purchased online and offline. But we careful to only get good quality air track mats for safety purposes.  One air track company that produces good quality air track products is WholesaleAirTrack,  the world’s largest suppliers of inflatable air track and has several years of experience in producing air track.

The air track products produced by WholesaleAirTrack are made from top quality and sturdy materials, used for inflatable boat production. The air track mats are blown up to 16 hours at their factory for pressure test before shipment with finished pictures or video of the Air Track for every customer. Awesome QC they have! And they ship internationally too. Check out WholesaleAirTrack to find out more on their products.

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Thursday (28 February 2019) and Friday (1 March 2019)

Thursday, 28 February 2019

The heat wave is on and I’m back to my days of showering 4 to 5 times a day! Every activity that I do that involves moving vigorously from moping the floor to hanging the laundry, changing the bedsheet to cooking sends me to the bathroom for a quick 5-minute shower. Even my Drama Queen who is in the afternoon session in school, who is usually very tolerable to heat was torqued off when I told her that I was bringing her to the open air kopitiam to have lunch. She didn’t want to go to school feeling like she’s got a wet plastic cling wrap on her body and asked  if she could have lunch in an air-conditioned place.

So here we were yesterday, enjoying our expensive lunch in the supermarket, just so we could enjoy the air-cond:

She had grilled Shishamo smelt  bento while I had half a packet of economy meehoon and a cup of milk tea. See, the mother eats like a maid and the daughter eats luxuriously.  I never had such luxury growing up. My girls are lucky!

I have not wiped the ceiling fan in my bedroom myself for years. Well, easily for the past 10 years as I’ve always had a live-in maid and part-time maid to help me with it. But since our part-time helper is now pregnant, I have to do this chore myself, with some extra large antibacterial wet wipes.  And I ended up with a crick in my neck yesterday after trying to elongate my neck like a giraffe to reach the top most part of the ceiling fan.  I can’t even turn my head properly now when I drive. Dang it!

Friday, 1 March 2019

This was my keto brunch today (chicken, steamed egg and vegetables) after 15 hours of fasting for my yearly blood test for cholesterol and blood sugar:

Hope the readings for my cholesterol will be better this year. If you don’t already know yet, I have Familial Hypercholesterolemia, which is genetic high cholesterol. No matter the diet and exercise regimen that I’ve tailored into my life, my cholesterol level is still slightly elevated.  Thus, I can’t be the hardcore  carnivore that I was many years ago. Wish me luck in my blood works results!

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Preventing UTI Naturally Without Antibiotics

A low dose antibiotics or prophylactic antibiotics is usually prescribed to patients who get recurrent UTIs. This has to be taken orally for at least 6 months or even longer. But despite being on oral antibiotics, some patients still get frequent UTI attacks.  In this case, the patient has most likely developed an antibiotic-resistant UTI, which is extremely common these days. Wouldn’t it be God-sent if there was a daily UTI prevention pill for recurrent UTI sufferers without the nasty side effect of antibiotics? The answer is YES and you can find your relief from Uqora, the manufacturer of UTI prevention products made from natural ingredients.

About 25 percent of women with acute UTIs experience another attack within six months of the first infection. If you’re an otherwise healthy person, this means the bacteria weren’t totally wiped out from your urinary tract, and these pesky bacteria have regrown to once again wreak havoc on your urinary system (and life). Assuming you’ve taken the entire course of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor, that means the strain of bacteria you were originally infected with is now resistant to the particular antibiotic you took.  Your doctor then fixes this by having your urine cultured so that he can select a second round of antibiotics that’s known to be sensitive to the offending bacteria.  But if you are unlucky, it may take two or more rounds of antibiotics to knock the UTI from your system.  By this time, your body is already weakened by the antibiotics and the next time you get another round of UTI, the antibiotics would have already been resistant to the bacteria. This sounds like a never-ending nightmare if you suffer from recurrent UTI.

There is now a UTI prevention drink called Target made from only natural ingredients that has proven to work for many UTI sufferers.  Target is composed of such natural ingredients as D-Mannose, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Natural Lemon Flavor, Citric Acid, Organic Stevia, Silicone Dioxide, Beet Juice Powder.

D-Mannose is scientifically proven to be effective for treating urinary tract infections.  It is even more effective than cranberry juice.  Mannose is a natural sugar (not the kind that causes symptoms or yeast overgrowth) that is excreted promptly into the urine. E. coli bacteria, the “fingers” that stick to the bladder wall stick to the D-mannose even better. When you ingest a large amount of D-mannose, it spills into the urine, coating all the E. coli’s little “sticky fingers” so that the E. coli are literally washed away with the next urination.

Target, which has D-Mannose as an active ingredient, binds with UTI-causing bacteria and increases urinary flow to flush them out of your urinary tract while boosting your immune system. All at the right time. With Target and other UTI prevention products from Uqora, recurrent UTI sufferers can now heave a big sigh of relief!

There are plenty of methods on how to prevent UTIs naturally without resorting to antibiotics. The next time you feel a UTI coming, take these UTI prevention steps immediately including a UTI prevention drink or pill from Uqora to stop those pesky bacteria at their tracks before they cause another havoc in your system.

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Healthy Meals In A Jiffy

Monday’s dinner was just pork jerky on toast as I was too pressed for time to cook a proper meal. Hubs brought me to Mid Valley Megamall in the afternoon to send my Osim uJolly portable massage chair for repair but I ended up trading in my faulty massager and bought a new one!  When I got home, it was already 4-ish p.m. and with so little time to cook, I toasted the CNY leftover pork jerky sitting in the fridge and toasted some sourdough cheese bread that I bought from Hogan Bakery @ Mid Valley.  Also fried some eggs to go with the open sandwich.

Crispy sourdough cheese toast for the girls…

and flour-free super low-carb organic lettuce wrap for me, washed down with a glass of refreshing lemon + grapefruit juice with raw organic honey…

The girls and I don’t really fancy Chinese pork jerky as we find them too salty, oily and sweet.  Before toasting the pork jerky in the oven, I delegated to Alycia the task of rinsing the pork jerky with water and patting them dry with kitchen towels  😆  Each year, our CNY pork jerky slices sit in the fridge for weeks and months and I always have to find ways to eat them.  Sometimes I add the pork jerky into fried rice and stir fried vegetables, after rinsing them and cutting off all the burnt parts.

Here’s another one-pot dish and with this, you don’t need anything else besides your rice or noodles! It has lots of gravy that goes so well with your noodles or rice. It’s healthy too with protein and fiber. Cook it with celery or vegetables that you like.

Cashew Chicken:

I served the dish with par-boiled rice for the 2 older girls and organic spinach ramen with organic dark soy sauce for Cass.


Stir-fried Cashew Chicken is very easy to make and also very forgiving (especially if you use chicken thigh).

Mix the sauce, use a bit to marinate the chicken just for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, chop the vegetables (celery/ capsicum / broccoli), hang the laundry and reply some emails 😊

When you’re ready to cook, have everything ready to go because it takes less than 10 minutes!

Sauté garlic and onion (1-2 mins), cook chicken and celery (3-5 mins), add sauce, simmer 1 minute until thickens, serve over rice or noodles.



  • 1 tbsp cornstarch / cornflour
  • 3 tbsp soy sauce , all purpose or light 
  • 3 tbsp Chinese cooking wine or Mirin
  • 2 or 3 tbsp oyster sauce 
  • 2 tsp sesame oil
  • Dash of white pepper


  • 500g / 1 lb chicken thigh , skinless boneless, cut into 2.5cm/1″ pieces 
  • 2 tbsp peanut oil (or vegetable oil)
  • 2 garlic cloves , minced
  • 1/2 onion , chopped into 1.75 cm / 3/4″ pieces(yellow, brown or white)
  • 1 celery / bell pepper , chopped into 2 cm / 0.8″ pieces
  • 6 tbsp water
  • 3/4 cup roasted cashews


  • Sauce: Mix cornflour and soy sauce until there are no lumps. Then add remaining Sauce ingredients and mix.
  • Marinate: Transfer 2 tbsp Sauce to chicken, mix to coat. Set aside for 10 minutes+.
  • Cook: Heat oil over high heat in a wok or heavy based skillet. Add the garlic and onion, cook for 1 minute.
  • Add chicken and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add celery / capsicum and cook for 2-3 minutes or till your desired softness.
  • Add Sauce and water. Bring to simmer and cook, stirring, for 1 minute or until Sauce thickens.
  • Stir through cashews, remove from stove. Serve with rice or noodles.

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Dinner Cooked In Under An Hour

Maria, my part time maid gave me an eleventh hour no-show notice again. She was supposed to come to our house at 5 p.m. but at 4:30 p.m.,  she Whatsapped me to inform that she’s not coming as she felt dizzy.  She’s currently 3 months pregnant but still insisted on working for us.  I understand that she needs the money to pay for her monthly pre-natal check-up at a private clinic in the neighborhood. Can’t blame her, yet I get a tad pissed off that she is giving me too many last-minute notices lately.

Things will get worse in the following months to come when her pregnancy progresses. She will most likely stop working all together, which is comprehensible and expected. So I better start getting used to not having her coming for at least half a year. Somehow, none of the replacement part-time maids that I’ve had can keep up with Maria’s level of cleanliness, thoroughness, attitude and her good work ethics.

With the boneless chicken thighs already marinated in the fridge, I still went ahead to cook dinner but I shelved my plan to cook two other dishes. I quickly thawed a piece of homemade skin-less ‘lap cheong’ aka Chinese sausage (which is reserved for emergencies like this), dumped it into the pot of rice to cook and cranked up the oven to grill the chicken.  I had no time to stir-fry vegetables as I had back-to-back school + tuition + Muay Thai class runs to do till 9:30 p.m. that night.

Here’s my super quick dinner:

Grilled Chinese five-spice powder chicken glazed with coconut nectar syrup (low in GI) with homemade Chinese sausage; chilled organic cucumber and organic red bell pepper. So simple yet yummy.  So glad that I’ve finally trained Cass to eat bell peppers. She never liked them, still doesn’t like them and I told her that she could only eat the chicken IF she eats the bell pepper – two rings of it and she did 🤗

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Izumio & Super Lutein – Super Good Promotion Until 28 February 2019

Cass has been drinking Izumio hydrogen water for 4 years.  I stopped drinking Izumio  last year for about half a year as I wanted to see if stopping it would mean a weaker immune system for myself.  And hell yes, I kept getting the sniffles and sore throat so frequently that I started to drink Izumio again recently. I also increased my Super Lutein dosage from 1 capsule to 3 to 4 capsules a day. So far, all has been well.  That’s all I can to say. I am a very taboo-ish person and won’t say too much of anything good about myself, lest the opposite happens! Can’t help it. I spent 17 years of my life growing up with my late maternal grandmother (who hailed from Guangdong, China) who had a lot of ‘pantang’ and taboos that even up till today, I still think that they exist and practise some of them! 🤫 🤭

I can write an entire post just on my late maternal grandmother’s ‘pantang larang’, I kid you not. Perhaps one day, I’ll just put down a post on it, in remembrance of my very much loved late por por.

Anyway, back to my Izumio and Super Lutein purchase!

If I could afford it, I would still have been drinking a few packets of Izumio a day. Same goes for my 3 girls. I can feel the difference in my health when I was drinking 2-3 packets of Izumio and popping 4-5 capsules of Super Lutein a day.  But now, only Cass gets to drink a packet everyday. The other 2 girls and I would only drink it as and when we feel a little under the weather. Cass had the most difficult babyhood, being exposed to a lot of radiation from a battery of scans since she was an infant and was on prophylactic antibiotics everyday of her life since she was 6 weeks old until around 16 months old. Thus, only Cass gets the privilege of drinking a packet of Izumio everyday to detox her body.

When I saw February’s promotion from Naturally Plus, I immediately signed up for a 12-month package.  What I’ll get in a usual 12-month package is 12 products plus 2 and sometimes 3 free products.  But for February 2019 promotion, we get 5 free products!  Now that’s more than RM1,000 saved!!

My friend was so efficient and sent the products to my door step the next day after I’d made payment! And he even gave me two tubs of CNY cookies.

All these should last me till end of this year and hopefully by then, Naturally Plus will have this free 5 products promotion once again.

The February promotion has been so encouraging that Naturally Plus is extending it to 28 February 2019!

This is by far the best promotion offered by Naturally Plus. If you are interested in taking a package or just want to try out one or two products, do let me know. I can be reached at email OR Whatsapp 019-266 4290.

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Growth Spurt

Cass after a Chinese New Year celebration in school today:

Cass used to love wearing cheongsam and princessy gowns to such events in school but she no longer likes them now. Not even an iota. She tells me very often that she hates dresses, lipstick, make-up and high heels and that she will never ever wear any of these when she grows up 😭

What happened to my baby girl? She’s a totally different person now, in every aspect of her. So different that I sometimes don’t recognize this girl living in my house 😰 😱

Today is the 14th day of the Lunar New Year of the Pig and we can sleep slightly later tonight as it’s a school declared holiday at Cass’ school tomorrow (Chap Goh Meh).  I’m so happy that there’s one day of holiday right smack in the middle of a hectic school week!  But it’s school as usual for Alycia and Sherilyn.  I am bringing my best boo to the mall tomorrow, just the both of us for some time to rebond.

About two hours after lunch today, after Cass got out from the shower, she ransacked the fridge and brought out Sherilyn’s birthday cake and took a slice.  As if the cake was too plain to be enjoyed on its own, she fetched the tub of Häagen-Dazs macadamia ice-cream and scraped out a scoop to go with the cake. Oh. My. Goodness.!  She quickly wolfed it down before her Mandarin tutor arrived.

This explains why my 10-year old daughter’s feet are bigger than mine now! 🤭

#myhungrygrowingtween, #growthspurt

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Our Good Friend, Alan Yun’s Wedding

Alan Yun, our close friend of over 2 decades finally tied the knot on 19 January 2019.  Hubs and I have been waiting for this day for so long!

The wedding was held at Zion Lutheran Church @ Brickfields. I was there with Cass and Sherilyn; Alycia had to be in school and was disappointed that she couldn’t attend Alan kor kor and Emily che che’s wedding.

Can you spot the hubs? The most ‘compact’ one haha!

When Alan Yun saw his beautiful wife Emily walking towards  him at the altar, tears swelled and he tried to control his emotion. But when he had to take the wedding vows before the pastor, he abandoned his attempts as he shed tears of joy at the vision of all the guests in the church. It was a very touching moment indeed. The hubs who was seated at the front seat along with the other ‘heng tai’ (‘brothers’) shed tears too. In fact, Alan Yun made everyone shed tears of joy and emotions. Told you he’s a very good actor!  Nah, this time it’s not crocodile tears but genuine tears.

Can you spot the hubby in the picture below?  No, not the guy wiping his tears. That’s Nelson, Direction of Pensonic, who is a good friend of both the Alans – Alan Yun the groom and Alan Yap the hubs.

A page snapped from the wedding album ~ the couple with Limapulo: Baba Can Cook executive chef John Tan.  Alan Yun and uncle John are the owners of this award-winning Baba & Nyonya restaurant. Limapulo serves one of the best curry laksa and nasi lemak in town. We all love the food there, especially the homemade sambal and curry laksa.

Article from 14 Feb 2019 Star Lifestyle papers featuring Alan Yun and Emily’s wedding:

The hubs had to bear the worst brunt of all the ‘chi mui’ (bridesmaids) during the ‘groom receives bride’ ceremony. It’s a Chinese custom where the bride’s ‘chi mui’ aka bridesmaids would set a long list of obstacles for the groom to tackle before he can lift the veil and kiss the bride.  And the groom’s ‘heng tai’ (best men) would come to the rescue by tackling the hardest obstacles.  The hubs, who was blind-folded was stripped off his shirt and had his tits zapped with masking tape by the group of pretty young things. The video of him being ‘tortured’ was uploaded on social media! 🤣

From a young teenager who worked part-time as a waiter for the hubs to a well-known model cum celebrity and now a successful entrepreneur and married man, we are so proud of Alan Yun. He will always be our good friend (the most humble and sincere one), though we are now all too busy with our lives to travel together again.

Heartiest congratulations once again Ah Lun and Emily!  Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. And may the love you share today grow stronger as you grow old together. We can’t wait for you and Emily to have a baby soon!!

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No Sugar Cravings Anymore

I’m trying to put on a just a teeny weeny bit of weight back. Just before CNY, my weight went down to 44.1 kg. That’s almost my weight when I was a teenager!

It’s a surprise that after my fibroid removal 1.5 years ago, my body just does not crave for anything sweet anymore.  Foods that are greasy turn me off.  It’s as if my body knows that these are toxins which could potentially cause another fibroid to grow in my uterus.

Would you believe me if I told you that I don’t have much food cravings? I used to be a durian lover but not anymore. My throat would sting each time something terribly sweet touches it.  My throat has transformed into a hyper state, where if I eat anything that’s overly sweet or fried with recycled oil, it would burn!  Guess this is a blessing in disguise as I don’t touch sweet and fried foods  as often as I used to. I hardly eat them these days. This is also why I lost some weight when I removed considerable amount of sweet and greasy foods from my diet, but not completely.  We still need a little sugar and oil in our body.

I now have a better ‘allowance’ to work around, meaning I can afford to pop in a few cookies (reduced sugar ones) or a miniscule piece of almond chocolate in the morning 🤗

For breakfast today, I had a small piece of wholemeal bread with organic butter and some cookies, followed by half a packet of organic roasted Korean seaweed.

I recently stumbled upon this Korean brand of organic seaweed at D’ Market supermarket and I’m so glad that it’s sugar-free and low in sodium and oil.  Super happy that the seaweed slices are not salty and oily which our girls and I can munch on guiltlessly! 😊

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Protecting Your Future With Insurance

This post is brought to you by Mason Finance.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for everyone to have insurance to protect their future.  My insurance carrier has taken care of  my kids and my own medical bills far too many times and had I not purchased an insurance in the first place, I would have to pinch from my savings to pay for these exorbitant bills caused by unforeseen circumstances.

A friend of mine who recently lost her husband in a shocking murder case had a huge ‘windfall’ as her late husband (who was an insurance agent) had purchased an expensive life insurance for himself. Thankfully for that huge sum of money, the funeral expenses, their children’s tertiary education and daily expenses are fully taken care of.

group of people attending burial

Some people believe that they can save enough money to replace their assets should anything happen to them. The problem is that, in most cases, the expenses incurred after an accident, the death of a loved one, or a disability are beyond any savings or wealth that a person may have accumulated and it is for this reason that insurance is such an important component of your financial planning.

Buying a life insurance can be complicated but if you understand the different types of insurances, for eg. life-settlement vs. reverse insurance, cash value vs. reverse life insurance, etc., it will be easier for you to decide which type of insurance to purchase to suit your lifestyle.

Advantages of Life Insurance

1.  Life insurance provides an infusion of cash for dealing with the adverse financial consequences of the insured’s death.

2.  Life insurance enjoys favorable tax treatment unlike any other financial instrument.

3.  Many life insurance policies are exceptionally flexible in terms of adjusting to the policyholder’s needs. The death benefit may be decreased at any time and the premiums may be easily reduced, skipped or increased.

4. Permanent life insurance policies accumulate a cash value over the life of the policy that can be borrowed against tax-free. These policies can be used to supplement your retirement if your other investments fall short. These policies often come with fairly high fees, so be sure to compare the costs to those of other investment vehicles.

woman holding baby sitting on green grass field under sunset

Life insurance is essential. It’s a need and not a want. But many of us choose to ignore the reality of what would happen if we were to die unexpectedly without the proper protection. The results could be devastating for your surviving family members, leaving them with a huge bill for your final expenses, or even worse, loss of the family home because they can no longer cover the mortgage.

If you’re wondering why life insurance is important, do give a serious thought on the potentially devastating consequences of not having coverage to financially protect the people that you love.

Start today and shop around online, as well as in person, so that you get several life insurance quotes from different companies before you purchase any type of coverage. Doing this will give you a better idea of what’s available.


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Monday, 11 February 2019

After a week long Chinese New Year school holidays, the girls got back to school today. I had to cut short my morning exercise to fetch Sherilyn to school at 6:45 a.m.  She’s representing her school in the athletics event and had to be in the stadium at 7:30 a.m. today.

This is my peace path. I jog on this path at my condo five times a week and find so much solace doing what I love in absolute peace on this path.  It’s my me time. My quiet and quality time where I do a lot of soul-searching and trouble shooting on this path with no interruption from anyone.

Breakfast was with the hubs, just he and I, at Les Deux Garcons (LDG) Patisserie.

I had sourdough toast with mushrooms while he had sourdough toast with scrambled eggs. We have not had breakfast with each other, just the both of us for over 2 weeks as he has been busy with CNY events.

This French almond croissant is the BEST in the world. I don’t like croissants as they are often too greasy and too buttery, making me feel very cloy after eating. But the almond croissants from LDG are my exception. These are the only croissants that I will eat and truly enjoy.  A bite into the flaky, airy and rich buttery layers of the croissant with crispy almond flakes on top will send you to pastry heaven.   Each layer is thin and buttery but never overly greasy or heavy. With each bite, the paper thin layers and butter melts in your tongue, but it doesn’t leave you feeling cloy. It only makes you want more bites!  Our friend whose wife is French commented that the croissants from LDG are the best she’s eaten and as good as the ones from Paris.

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Easy Ways to Put Yourself First

Mothers of young children often put their family before themselves. The children become the top priority, and at some point in time, you forget to take care of yourself. This is especially true when it comes to relaxation. Don’t feel selfish if you need to put yourself first from time to time. If you are run down and tired, you won’t be able to care for others.

Putting God into Your Life
Spirituality is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. Your faith will keep you centered, no matter what religion you choose. If you have the time to get involved with your church’s activities, it can leave you feeling wonderful, but most mom’s don’t have a lot of extra time. Take a few minutes each day to read from the Bible or reach out to christian women’s fellowship online.

Everyone needs time to decompress. It helps you avoid losing your temper. Meditation is a wonderful way to take a few minutes to relax and let all of the bad vibes go, but there are other ways that work just as well. A relaxing bath in soft light is ideal for unwinding at the end of the day. Taking a few minutes each afternoon to read is another wonderful way to escape that you can try.

A young woman meditating in nature

Do Nothing
If these suggestions so far sound complicated and time-consuming, keep it simple. Work in ten minutes every day to do nothing. Find that little spot of time while the kids are at school or napping and stop everything. Sit on the porch or stare out the window while you feel your nerves relax.

Putting yourself first is not selfish. In fact, it is the best thing you can do for those you love. If you aren’t relaxed, you won’t be able to do the best job you can. Take a few minutes to calm your nerves and restore your energy each day. It will be beneficial to the entire family.

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Chinese New Year 2019

Happy Oink Oink Year to all my dear readers! 🐷🐷

We just got back from Ipoh today after spending 4 glorious days celebrating the Lunar New Year with family members.  Traffic was rather smooth when we returned to Ipoh on Sunday (eve of CNY eve) and unbelievably smooth when we returned to KL today. We left Ipoh at 9 a.m. and reached KL in under 2 hours, inclusive of one toilet stop. Praise Lord for no reverse exodus gridlock on the highway!

We took hundreds of photos while we were in Ipoh. I’ll let the photos do the talking!

Kids and I tried the egg-balancing act on Li Chun day (eve of CNY) but only Cass got one egg standing. No luck for me this time. The year old twinsies were pretty cooperative with instructions to them not to touch the eggs; they sat patiently and curiously to watch us girls balance the eggs.

Papa whomped up a storm for us on the eve of CNY with a nine course dinner.  I felt so much love and warmth having all my family members seated on the dining table savouring papa’s yummy home-cooked dishes.

Steamed cod fish, stir-fried ‘siew yoke’ with soy sauce and Chinese cooking wine, the Yong family’s special Hakka stuffed dried oysters with fish paste and minced meat with ‘fatt choy’ and braised fish maw with abalone.

Blanched lettuce with fried garlic, steamed chicken, braised arrowroot with ‘siew yoke’ and dad’s yummy dipping sauce for the steamed chicken.

Steamed  homemade Chinese case-less sausage (made by  my aunt) and waxed meat, blue pea Basmati rice, braised pork belly with yam and David Beckham’s Haig Club whisky. Dessert was cherries.

Mum received a set of plates as housewarming gift from one of her friends when she moved in to our very first family house in Moonlight Park, Ipoh but she only unboxed the set of plates and used it for the first time almost 48 years later! And the plates are still in pristine condition!

On the first day of CNY, we had to wake up early to prepare ourselves to reach the Yap’s family house to receive the Lion Dance troupe at 9 a.m.

Lunch was vegetarian.

The girls with their aunt W (hubby’s cousin) who is the same age as Alycia.

When we got home to my parents, we had another round of camwhoring and ang pow giving ceremony with my parents and brothers.

My super duper adorable twin nephew and niece.

For the first time in their lives, the girls and their cousin had the chance to play with firecrackers at their grandparents’ home. They cavorted on the road and squawked each time a firecracker was lighted.   Living in a condo, the 4 city girls hardly ever have the chance to play with firecrackers.  I grew up playing with firecrackers every CNY and even dared to light up those long red blasting Chinese firecrackers.

After warming up, Cass finally had the courage to light up the rocket firecrackers.

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