Random Matters

My first batch of VIP visitors consisting of my eldest sil and nephew returned to Hong Kong this morning. They were in KL for the past 2 weeks.

This Friday, we are expecting another 2 batches of VIPs ~ from Ipoh and Singapore.  My entire family will be in KL to celebrate papa’s 75th birthday! 🎂🍻 🥂  Another round of pigging out, chatting, laughing and bonding.

There’s been a hive of activity and feasts at our house for the past 2 weeks, with a 2-day break on Wednesday and Thursday before the  celebration and merriment continue from Friday onwards for another 4 days. And then it’s the start of the school holidays, yippeeeee!!  I can’t wait for the holidays to start.

I’ve been so sleep deprived the past one week.  Last weekend was a NO REST weekend for me. Cass had to attend a 2-day full day motivational camp at the school on Saturday and Sunday (from 7am – 5pm).   As the hubs had been working late the past few days, I had to assume the duty of  driver, which means having to wake up at 4:15 a.m. and leaving the house at 6:30 a.m., after getting some of the household chores done before everyone else in the family wakes up.

Most mornings I wake up asking myself if I can ever sleep in for another hour or two?!  It’s no joke getting up at that ungodly hour when that hour is the best time to be in a deep sleep ~ the room is cold and cozy and it’s just not meant to be the time to start ‘work’.  But surprisingly, I don’t feel extremely draggy or zombified  like I used to though I’ve not had a single day of rest. It must be the extra dosage of Super Lutein that I’ve been popping that gives me the sustenance.  Plus I have been diffusing energy-boosting essential oils throughout the night. Peppermint, lemongrass, lemon, geranium, cedarwood, eucalyptus, orange, tangerine and citrus fresh are some of the energizing essential oils that I have been diffusing every night.  And I am SO happy to report that this month, I did not get any period flu! 👍🏻

I realized about a few months back that ever since I touched 45 this year, I tend to get period flu about a week before my period starts. Every single month.  I also realized that many of my friends in their mid to late 40s get period flu too. I read that this is caused by fluctuating hormones in perimenopausal  women.  The  Progesterone Phyto Plus that I have been applying topically helps a great deal in balancing my wacky hormones.  I shall continue with this regimen of increased Super Lutein dosage, daily routine of diffusing and topical application of essential oils and getting an hour of uninterrupted nap during the day to boost my immune system and to beat fatigue.

Let me explain a nugget of Science here.

Did you know that the human body has an electrical frequency and much about a person’s health can be determined by it?  Higher frequency in the body, results in better health. It has been shown that a normal healthy body has a frequency of 62–72 MHz. When the body drops below this frequency, we begin to get into illness and disease states.  Clinical research shows essential oils, having the highest known frequency known to man, may create an environment in which microbes, disease, bacteria, fungus, etc. cannot survive.  Most naturally occurring substances –including essential oils – have coherent frequencies that resonate harmoniously with the electrical field of the human body. Happy and positive thoughts increase our body’s vibrational frequency while negative unhappy thoughts /emotions  decrease the frequency, even till it reaches ultra low frequency, i.e. death. Flipping mind-boggling eh? You can read more about it at my health blog.

So peeps, think happy and positive thoughts always. Eat fresh foods, especially plant based, which are high in vibration frequency. I wish everyone well and healthy. Have a happy week. School holidays start this Saturday!  😘

Brunch yesterday. Drama Queen with E, her cousin from HK and grand aunt from Ipoh.

Tips On Choosing Engagement Rings

There are certain guidelines one can follow. Many brides-to-be will have to decide what is in it that they want when buying citrine engagement rings. You will need to consider the cost, which is the foremost rule and a basic one to follow.

Avoid the notion that big and quantity is all you have to it but paying more than what you can afford is certainly something you need to consider and be on-guard. It could set you into a trap that later might lead to financial difficulties which is not going to do any good to the relationship. Keep it simple. It would be better off making ring purchases within your means rather than beyond your means.

Why pay above your means for a morganite engagement ring white gold that could only put you in debt?  It is wiser to work around your own budget and not somebody else’s budget. Try to work along this line and you won’t go wrong. Have an open and honest discussion with your fiance, then proceed to pay for what you both are comfortable with.

If you go with quality over quantity, then it is unlikely you will go wrong. The rule is pay only what you can comfortably afford. For example, you don’t need to spend three months’ salary for the ring if you cannot afford it. Do not be overtaken by overzealous talk from marketing or salespeople into paying more than what you can afford nor be cowed into feeling less of a person if you do not go for more.

Just beware of the marketing ploy by big companies and know your real needs. No need to put yourself into unnecessary stresses but instead keep it as simple as you can, following the above rather straightforward principles in going about your engagement ring buying. What you can afford at the moment, is what you should be focusing at.

Upgrade later where chance permits later on in life. Any extra you may have now could be utilized for some other useful household matters such as upgrading of home decor. This is to keep a balance, so you can also focus on other equally important matters which may also require financial resources, just in case, if you have to, in order to meet any shortfalls later. In this way, you can work out your ring engagement buying in a properly manageable position.

Endless choices of fine selection is very much available for those who have a fancy for varied specialty designs and a budget concern to look out for; and you can find all these among the ‘White Gold Engagement Ring’ category. For example, 14k white gold matching wedding rings are already a hit among wearers of different age group, especially in the western world. Perhaps, this can be one option you can look into. Hope this little guideline helps.


Restaurant (Tai Chow) Meng Kee, Old Klang Road, KL

Our lunch last Sunday was at Meng Kee ‘tai chow’ restaurant. I can’t really call it a restaurant as it is a pretty dilapidated make-shift roadside stall. You will see colorful recycled cardboard egg cartons lining the roof of the stall. This is done so that the cardboard absorbs the heat of the hot afternoon sun. Be prepared for occasional sightings of rats and roaches crawling on the floor 😅  But don’t be intimidated by its appearance and hygiene.  For the best steamed fish head  and steamed rice wine lala in the world, the shortcomings can be easily forgiven.  And be prepared to be drenched in sweat if you go there on a hot afternoon.


Meng Kee is located just opposite Scott Garden and is easily recognizable by its bright red signboard sitting out on the road.  Your reward will be delicious tai chow done right.  The great-for-sharing Steamed Fish With Ginger and Soy Sauce is a must-order. The flesh of the fish is very fresh, fleshy and smothered in copious amounts of chopped ginger and a sauce redolent of rice wine.  Not to be missed is the Steamed Lala. Cooked in a similar style, the shellfish is delicious and fresh in its own juicy right. The quality extends to their meat dishes. The hubs ordered the signature crispy Pei Pa duck, which is a toothsome deep fried duck.  You will see patrons dropping by to ‘ta-pau’ several Pei Pa ducks.

As I had no time to eat my breakfast, I was famished by the time I had lunch at 12 noon at Meng Kee. I quickly gobbled up the fish in flash. It was so yummo and fresh.

The one thing this road-side stall lacks is parking space. My tip to you is ~ be there before 12 noon for lunch and you may be lucky to find a spot to park right outside the shop.

We added a plate of fried lobak (meat roll) towards the end of the meal as I was tempted to try it  but I don’t really fancy the pork fats used. The lobak is very tasty with hint of five-spice powder but I find it too greasy for my non-greasy palate.

The steamed crab with ginger and rice wine was spectacular too.  Hubs paid RM150 for two large crabs.

I doggy-bagged a little bit of everything that we ordered for Alycia who stayed home to revise for her weekly tests.  She ate crabs for the first time after having her braces done!  But still found it hard to manged the crabs.

Meeting With Cass’ Teacher

I had an appointment to meet Cass’ class teacher this morning.  It’s not a good thing when you’re called to see your kid’s teacher.  I was actually expecting to be called to meet the class teacher as Cass has changed a lot lately.  Negatively. She is almost totally opposite from what she used to be just a year ago~ her attitude especially. I feel like I have lost a part of my baby girl who used to tug at my heartstrings. I really miss how Cass used to be when she was younger.  Instead, she’s now morphed into my most challenging child to deal with.  I know she may be partially influenced by the friends whom she mingles with and partly, it’s a transition from being a little girl to a tween.  Blame it on the raging hormones too? She can still be the sweet little thing that melts my heart when she’s in a good mood. But most of the time, she likes to have things done her way. Always her way, hardly ever mine. Blame it on her headstrong DNA too.

At the meeting today, I asked Ms L (Cass’ class teacher) whether it’s only Cass who is facing problems with her Chinese language subject and issue with her attitude and what do I know?  I was told by Ms L that many of the students in her class are like this since the start of this year!  She said that from her experience as a teacher, some children start to change at age 10.  As they reach their double digit birthdays, they find that they have found their new freedom and want to have their voice heard; no more a yes-girl or yes-boy who listens to almost everything that teacher or mummy says. They find that they have stronger bargaining power and like to test our patience till it breaks.  Ms L said that she is also feeling stressed out by the changes in these students, the majority of which has been with her since Primary 2.

I was shocked to hear from Ms L that the top scorer boy is also facing similar issues as Cass. To me, this boy looks like the trophy kid who is a good kid, smart and obedient. But since this year, he’s changed too. The more Ms L tells me about some of the students, the more I get to solve the mystery  on why my baby girl has changed lately.  Cass sounds just like her classmates! Monkey see, monkey do.  Birds of  a feather flock together, yeah?   I was totally unexpected when she told me that I am not the only parent that she has called to meet lately.  She has been meeting other parents as well on their children’s deteriorating grades, progress and attitude.

Maybe all 10-year olds go through this phase? Or maybe kids from the top class start to change at this age? I don’t know. But I am relieved that Cass is not the only kid who has changed into a wilful and argumentative kid who challenges me mentally, emotionally and physically all the time.

Judging on the amount of effort (or totally lack of!) that Cass had put into preparing for her current exam, I was expecting  her position to be ‘the bottom ten’.  Or rock bottom.  But Ms L informed me otherwise. There are some kids in the class who did worse off than Cass.  I shall wait patiently for the report card  🤨

Ms L also informed me that the BM papers in this exam were tough and many students from other classes flunked. No wonder that brat came back with her BM papers with marks so shocking I almost had an atrial fibrillation. I really felt a few missing heart beats with a chocking feeling seeing her test papers.  The cause for the dismal grades is lack of communication in BM in school and at home as well as lack of interest on the part of the student to read BM books. Ms L confirmed this and this is happening rampantly in the school.

Ms L has been Cass’ class teacher for three years. Being a teacher in the so-called best class, naturally, she sets higher expectations on these students.  Ms L is competitive in nature, is a no-nonsense person and a very caring and helpful teacher. She’s truly a gem of a teacher and a shining example of what a good teacher should encompass. Cass is really blessed to have such a good teacher.

After my long chat with Ms L that lasted almost an hour, I felt relieved that my fiery little creature is not the only student having issues with her grades and attitude. Yet, I have to find ways to deal with my pre-teen wilful child to bring the best out of her and to nip the bud of her  problems.

Recently, a relative of mine with 3 successful working adult children told me that ‘naughty’ and strong-willed children will grow up to be successful leaders, earning higher salaries than the ‘obedient’ kids. That sort of gives me solace that it’s not that bad having strong-willed children with strong opinions on everything from choice of clothing to bedtime to what goes onto their plates.

Being a parent is never easy. I am learning everyday. Some days are shitty while some days are pure bliss. To me, bliss means children who are obedient, good health for myself and my children and peace at home. That’s not a lot to ask for from God, eh?  Hopefully…

Cass playing board games with E, her 12-year old cousin from Hong Kong. E and his mum are in town for a holiday.

Black Friday Coupons

Lately I have included some basic strength training in my exercise regimen before I start my early morning jog.  This includes arms, legs and body stretching, squats, frog jumps, spot jogging, jumping jacks, push ups and bicycle crunches. The most energy and stamina zapping strength training for me is frog jumps.  This exercise can maximize the calorie burn within a couple of minutes. It is intense, innovative and something that will elevate your heart rate like never before. I often go breathless after frog jumps /frog hops but  feel great as I begin to sweat. Next is my usual morning jog.

A good pair of running shoes is very important to me when I run.  Good running shoes prevent tripping and injuries to the feet.  I always stick to brands like Nike and Addidas.  The outer soles of my Adidas running shoes are starting to peel off and I almost tripped on the dangling soles while running a few mornings ago.  I keep forgetting to look for a  new pair of running shoes each time I go shopping at the mall.  Cass has been reminding me to change my running shoes as she’s worried that I may fall.  Thankfully for 2018 Adidas coupons on Black Friday and 2018 Black Friday shoes coupon deals,  I can get discounted running shoes without having to make a trip to the shopping mall! What I need to do now is to double check my running shoes size and at a few clicks of the mouse at hasoffer.com, my running shoes will be at my doorstep in a few days.  I just love receiving parcels!  Don’t you, too? 😉

Ok, sharing time now!  Let me share with you the various Black Friday coupon deals from hasoffer.com:

There are coupon deals from various popular brands of running shoes and sports apparel with 20% off, including Black Friday Nike coupon deals.  The choice is limitless.

Now that I have shared these coupon deals with you, be sure to utilize them soon as they do not have long expiration dates.


Oils For Healthy Skin

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments from people on how good I look, especially my skin. Self praise is no recommendation, I know. I can feel goose bumps raising on my hands already as I type this post. Tak malu ke? 😛

But sharing is caring. I want to share with you what I have been using on my skin that promotes healthy looking skin and I believe that anyone can have good skin too IF they diligently follow a healthy regimen for their skin. After all, the skin is the largest organ on our body and we should pamper it so that it remains soft, wrinkle-free and blemish-free.

Many people think that applying expensive creams on their skin equals to beautiful skin.  The truth is, many of the ingredients in personal care and beauty products aren’t so pretty. U.S. researchers have found that one in eight of the 82,000 ingredients used in cosmetic and personal care products are hazardous industrial chemicals. This means that 10,500 industrial chemicals are used as cosmetic ingredients, many of which are carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, plasticizers (chemicals that keep concrete soft), degreasers (used to get grime off auto parts) and surfactants (they reduce surface tension in water, like in paint and inks). And these go on our skin and into the environment.  This is why most makeup and skin care products horribly age the skin and cause chemically instigated diseases.

My daily skin regimen is pretty simple and I use only natural skin-care products that contain no less than 2 ingredients.  At a lunch with Cass’ classmates’ mummies last week, one of the mummies asked me what product I use on my skin as she’s amazed with how good my skin looks. She could not believe it when I told her I was 45.  She’s younger than me and she owns a law firm.  When I told her that I am using essential oils with extra virgin coconut oil, without any hesitation, she told me that she wanted to buy the essential oils that I use.  The next day, I Whatsapp-ed her my beauty oils combo.

While having lunch at the kopitiam with Drama Queen yesterday, the lady boss told Drama Queen that her mummy is very pretty and young looking.  I was totally flattered!   😍  So flattered and inflated that I knocked down the glass of iced tea on the table and spilled the contents onto the mil’s pants 😅

Besides thanking my parents for good genes, I must thank my oils for supporting the health of my skin.

I’d love to share with you what I use from head to toe everyday:

For hair and body:
Extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO)
Few drops of Essential Oils.  I change the scents every week.  I use lavender, geranium cedarwood, peppermint, orange and grapefruit.

I pour about half a cup of EVCO and add about 5-6 drops each of three types of Essential Oil and store the oils in a glass bottle in the bathroom. I massage my body with the oils after each shower. I also use the oils on Cass’ hair to tame the frizz after each hair wash.

For face (face serum):
Rosehip oil ~ I use Trilogy rosehip oil
Frankincense or Geranium
Ratio is 2:1 (Rosehip oil : EO)

For treating my daughters’ pimples, I use Melaleuca oil (Tea Tree).

For my scalp to promote  hair growth:
I apply a few drops of these EOs neat on my scalp.

I think the oils to promote hair growth are working very well too. Lately, the slight balding patches on top and at the back of my head are not showing anymore! I shedded a LOT of hair at the height of anemia (caused by heavy menses which was caused by a big fibroid).  I have been applying these essential oils on my scalp every night after my shower for about a year. I wasn’t bothered when my girls commented that I smelled like pasta and roast chicken from the Rosemary and Lemongrass essential oils. I just wanted more hair to grow on my head without spending a fortune 🤨

Do read The Never List of chemicals not to have in your skin care and personal care products. Try to avoid these chemicals as much as you can.

Another friend was talking about the expensive face serum and moisturisers from the department store. She paid almost what I paid for my Premium Starter Kit for a small tub of cream, serum and toner.

What else other than reducing the look of wrinkles can that tub do?  Not one darn thing. And mind you, it may take tubs of creams to maybe reduce a few lines off your face, or maybe none at all, speaking from experience.

Ladies, I can diffuse uplifting beautiful smells, make my skin happy and healthy, use the oils as perfume, make my car and bathroom smell like spa with what I got in my box of starter kit. Plus do other amazing stuffs too. My eldest daughter loves to steal my peppermint EO to use as perfume!

I’m seriously not ready to look old or my age.  So my frugal mind says, why buy a once off use tub and bottle of cream and serum? When you can get a whole kit that has a ton of other uses and cost just about the same price. No brainer friend!

Just drop me an email  at shireenyong@gmail.com if you wish to try the Essential Oils.  I can even loan you a diffuser set with some sample Essential Oils for you to try.  You can also click here  to sign up as member (signing up online is so easy and fast!) or Whatsapp / call me at 019 266 4290.


Fulfilling Life 101: How To Cultivate A Life Of Passion And Purpose

People who are serious about leading unequivocally fulfilling lives should know that cultivating passion and purpose doesn’t have to be a difficult or arduous task. To start living on purpose now, begin implementing some or all of the following strategies:

1. Take Health Seriously
If you really want to lead a fulfilling life, make sure that you start taking your health seriously. Taking this step is imperative because implementing health strategies is the key to ensuring that you have the energy, mental clarity, and immunity necessary to figure out who you are, get things done, and maintain the level of self-esteem required to interact with others in a productive, affirming manner. There are many strategies that a person can deploy to make health happen. One is focusing on the diet. Most Americans consume a Standard American Diet (SAD) that is comprised of junk foods and processed items. In addition to containing high amounts of sodium and saturated fat, these items tend to be high in calories. This means that they can easily contribute to the weight gain process. Rather than eating these types of items, focus on working more raw vegetables and fruits into your diet. These foods can be consumed in many forms, such as green smoothies and salads. Also consider the value of utilizing gourmet spice blends to enhance the flavor of your simultaneously nutritious and delicious food choices.

2. Focus On Career Development
In addition to taking health seriously, make sure that you begin to focus on career development. Career development is an important part of the growth process for many reasons, one of which is that it empowers you to meet people who can challenge your ideas, help you build new skills, and teach you innovative ways of doing things that empower you to contribute to the world in a more effective, expedient way. There are many ways that you can get the career development process underway, and one is by hiring a mentor.

3. Take The Relationship-Building Process Seriously
If you really want to live with passion and on purpose, make sure that you take the relationship-building process seriously. Doing so is important for many reasons, including the fact that you will continually be surrounded by like-minded people who will support you in the realization of your personal or professional vision. Building relationships with the right people can also provide you with the appropriate context in which to ask and answer challenging, provocative questions that engender a deeper sense of self-knowledge as well as a more informed way of being in the world. With all of this in mind, make sure that you take the relationship-building process seriously. The process can involve anything from scheduling weekly outings with individuals you love, respect, and want to build a deeper connection to.

People who want to cultivate a life of passion and purpose should know that they can. Three strategies they can implement to realize the objective are outlined above. Start using these techniques so that you can step into a world of fulfillment and freedom!

Life Is Too Fragile

Have you ever felt like there’s a thorn pricking your heart whenever  you get  overly enraged with your kids, spouse, in laws, boss or your friends?  Lately I would experience a sharp pain my my heart that lasts a few seconds whenever I get extremely furious with my girls when they are rude and disrespectful to me or turn a deaf ear to my instructions. I can associate the pain in my heart to stress pain.   This gets me thinking if it’s really worth it to blow up and show the authoritative side of me just to get them to do what I want them to do.  It would be a win-win situation if they get it their way and I don’t get a surge in  cortisol or stress hormones in my body. Lately I’ve been getting a good dose of elevated cortisol level and I am not liking what it’s doing to my heart and overall being.

Do you know that elevated cortisol level kills?

Serious issues can arise when high cortisol levels become chronic. Then it can turn into a killer, leading to immune system deficiency and even cancer.  Cortisol also raises glucose levels within normal cells. I am sure you have read what cancer cells love to feed on? You guessed it. Sugar!

So peeps, banish stress in our lives! Banish anger and greed altogether in order to banish elevated cortisol level.

Can I then stop being the Perfectionist Mother and be the Best Friend Mother instead to my kids?

I am trying my best but it’s hard. It’s hard to let go of expectations and let my kids go with the flow as the fear of all that can go wrong with leniency is too strong.

Yesterday night, despite being burnt to a crisp and severely sleep deprived, I was insomniac. I kept thinking about a friend and prayed for her healing. About an hour before bedtime, I found out that a friend of mine had just gone for a surgery to remove a malignant tumor from her body followed by chemo.  The news was totally shocking to me.  My friend is known to everyone to be such a jovial, happy and lucky lady with the perfect husband and children. She’s got the looks, the money, love and everything in the world. Perhaps she’s been dealt with a little more stress and rivalry than usual at her workplace all these years.  I still can’t believe the news.

Life is too precious to get angry and stressed up over our loved ones, boss,  work and money.  Chronic anger also churns out poison to our liver.  I know it is easier said than done. I am myself a chronically stressed up, angry and frustrated mother and wife. I was given a second chance in life last year, not once but twice. I have to keep reminding myself that nothing is more important to me than my own health. I  have to stay healthy in order to live long enough to watch my children grow up, graduate from university, get married, have their own children, travel the world and enjoy my retirement.

So in conclusion, what I am trying to say is try to banish unnecessary stress from our lives. Set lower expectations, forgive and forget (though the forgetting part can be tricky), eat clean and healthy, exercise and don’t forget to pray.


Cassandra Decoded

Today has been an exciting day. I finally decoded why my baby girl has morphed into a vomit-blood inducing kid since late last year. The more I spend time with her, the closer I was to decoding this enigmatic child.  And this evening, the enigma was decoded!

After her shower in the afternoon, Cass was all excited over having me revise English with her as tomorrow is her English test ~ her favorite subject.  I was surprised. I thought Cass has lost her mojo to study and her raging pre-teen hormones are wrecking havoc. But it wasn’t the case.  After just half an hour with Cass, I told her that I was done revising with her.   But Cass was pleading with me to do more with her. The level of English competency at SJKC and SRK is pretty easy for any kid coming from an English speaking family, especially if the kid also loves reading English novels.  Cass’ English competency is advanced for her age as she reads a LOT of English novels and like Sherilyn, she loves everything English.

Cass – that’s it with revision?  Can you ask me more advanced questions? Can I try doing Standard 6 test papers?  (Cass is only in Standard 4) I need to do more revision.  You haven’t even gone through all the books with me yet!

Me – I don’t know what else to go through with you. We have covered everything already. We have been going through the same Grammar for 4 years.  You already know all the idioms in the list. I think you can score 100% if you are NOT careless. And mind your horrendous handwriting. Make sure it is legible. OK?

This afternoon, I gave Cass a past year Science exam paper to practise.  In under an hour, done hurriedly so that her tutor can mark it, she completed 40 questions and  made 3 careless mistakes. Unlike Chinese and BM exam papers, Cass had the focus to sit at the table to finish answering all the Science questions without begging for breaks every 10 minutes.

Cass working on an online past year English exam paper:

And then the light bulb moment came. Why didn’t Cass have  any complaint completing the Science exam paper? Why does she choose English, Math and Science test papers over BM and Chinese all the time when given an option to choose? And why are her Math and Science grades so much better than BM and Chinese?  Why does she find practising scales and piano classical pieces a big bore but can play Ed Sheeran’s Perfect and Despacito by hard and keeps playing her favorite pop songs and Christmas carols over and over again?


I finally decoded my enigmatic child!

And the answer lies in Chinese and BM, her two weakest subjects.  These two subjects are boring her to the core. Sometimes she does not know how to read a Chinese character or does not understand a Malay word. When there are a few words in a questions that she can’t read or does not understand, she won’t be able to answer the question.  And this is killing her academic interest.

Cass’ BM vocab is very limited, so is her Chinese.  No matter how many times I have gone through the same BM words with her, she seems to have dementia each time she comes across the same words.  She hardly ever reads BM story books or speak in BM and does not have interest in Chinese novels except for the occasional comics. She communicates with her friends in English most of the time.  She finds Chinese grammar and BM Tatabahasa a big drag. She has always been questioning me why she has to be sent to a Chinese school.

By nature, if we find something boring and have little interest in it, we tend not to listen or read anything related to it. I would always fall asleep at a boring seminar or training course.

Forcing Cass to have a liking for BM and Chinese would only be counterproductive.  She is already in Primary 4 and I want her to have a proper closure to what she has started. She still loves being in her school though. She loves her friends and her teachers.  Sadly her two besties will be leaving the Chinese school next year for international schools.  Cass will most likely stay in the same school and complete her UPSR exam in 2 years’ time. At the same time,  I may be planning ‘something’ for Cass, which I can’t reveal yet. All I can say for now is that Cass will most likely be in a different path as her two sisters when she goes to high school.

Handy Girl In The House

Drama Queen can be another vomit-blood inducing kid of mine but what makes her different from her two sisters is that I can always count on her to help me out. She helps with house work, is always the one who helps her dad reheat his food (and washes the dishes) when he comes home late for dinner and is my trustworthy handy girl. She can be quite the trophy-daughter, sans the argumentative and sometimes arrogant demeanour.

Drama Queen is one handy girl in the house. These days she helps with assembling all my assemble-yourself home appliances and furniture.  On Saturday, my purchase of a mini computer desk from Lazada arrived. Thankfully the handy girl had just returned from Taekwondo and I summoned her help to set up the desk.  In under 30 minutes, my handy girl successfully assembled the computer desk, complete with wheels, just like a PRO!



Last Friday, our regular  organic vegetables supplier delivered organic durians to us. My handy girl volunteered to open up the durians so that her crazy mum can have durians for breakfast 😆.  It was her first time opening durians and she beat me hands down to it!

Not only can my handy girl bake the world’s tastiest meat pie and chocolate brownie, she can whip up ice-cream too!  Yesterday she made  banana ice-cream with only 1 ingredient ~ frozen bananas (she’s been collecting overripe bananas and  freezes them for her recipes), with no cream and no whipping.

Overripe bananas that Sherilyn collects for her smoothies, banana pancakes, banana muffins and banana ice-cream:


My dessert for lunch today is banana ice-cream with toasted pecans! Yummo!!

Not bad for a 13-year old girl who behaves like she’s a feisty 18-year old. Don’t play play with this girl. She can be a fighting cock if you step on her toe  ☺

Busy Week

The entire last week was a busy week for everyone ~ hubs with his back-to-back catering events, Alycia with tests every other day in preparation for the PT3 and UEC exams  in 2 months in addition to PT3 History and Geography projects, Drama Queen with homework, tuition and church activity, Cass with exam revision and me, I provide support to everyone in the household, including the mil 💪 .  If there is a title to describe what I do, it would be “One-leg-kick PA, driver, tutor, cook, maid cum small entrepreneur”.

In between homework and revision, Cass ‘de-stressed’ herself with gardening 😄 👩‍🌾.  We are simple people and I’ve taught the girls to find happiness from simple inexpensive things within the house.

Here, Cass is composting fruit peel into the soil of the potted herbs in our tiny balcony garden. The latest additions to our herb garden are spring onions and coriander. The spring onion is springing well and I see tiny shoots sprouting from the coriander roots. Our spinach didn’t quite make it after sprouting a few baby leaves.

Sunday was the most hectic day for me.  Didn’t have much time to revise BM with the vomit-blood inducing kid as I had to chauffeur Alycia and her friends to the mall for them to work on their PT3 History project and Sherilyn to and fro church.

I pre-ordered our Sunday dinner on Saturday evening from Dragon-I @ Mid Valley, delivered FREE to us by Food Panda. I found out about Food Panda when they approached me to write a review on their company several years ago. I’ve since been using Food Panda to order food from our favorite restaurants. Love it that they provide FREE delivery and accept COD.

This is my pre-order meal from Food Panda:

Food was delivered punctually at 5:45 p.m. on Sunday!  Quality of the food is almost perfect. My only beef was that plastic containers were used.  Well, this is unavoidable given that most food delivery companies have little options other than plastic ware or cardboard boxes.

We had an early bed time last night as I got so incensed with the vomit-blood inducing kid with a “exam so what, no need to study la!!” attitude that I refused to revise with her at night and sent her to bed at 9:30 p.m. 🤮  It’s time that she learns to be responsible over her  lackadaisical attitude and faces the consequences. I can’t be sitting by her side, spoon-feeding and shielding her from falls and failures anymore. Whatever her results are this time, I am mentally prepared to accept them.

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Rubbing Clove Essential Oil and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil On Your Teeth

I have ultra sensitive teeth, no thanks to years of excessive brushing and lemon juice.

I used to drink lemon juice with water first thing in the morning.  This practice helps to cleanse the digestive system, stimulate digestive enzymes and assist with weight loss. Sometimes I would suck on lemon slices. I didn’t notice or feel any difference to my teeth until many years later when I experienced teeth sensitivity.

Lemons and lemon juice are highly acidic. Over time, routine consumption of lemon juice will corrode your tooth’s outer covering – the enamel.

Erosion is the loss of tooth enamel, caused most commonly by acid attack. When the enamel is worn away, it exposes the underlying dentin (which is yellower in colour than enamel), and this may cause you to experience tooth sensitivity.

I used to brush my teeth after every meal but not anymore, so as not to corrode the teeth enamel any further. I still brush my teeth twice a day with an extra soft toothbrush and a mild toothpaste.  After meals, I rub my teeth with a cotton pad, dabbed with clove essential oil and organic extra virgin coconut oil.

Clove essential oil
Clove Oil is one of the oldest remedies for tooth pain and oral health. Thanks to the ingredient Eugenol, it has been used for centuries to anesthetise patients suffering from tooth ache.  Eugenol has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties too.

People have used essential oils for oral health for centuries, and clinical studies are finally proving their safety and efficacy. In addition to therapeutic herbs and other healing agents, many essential oils show a very beneficial effect upon teeth and gums as well.

Clove essential oil and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Rubbing clove essential oil on your gums or brushing teeth with it has antibacterial properties which can prevent cavities, gingivitis, bad breath, and tooth decay.

Dab 2 drops of  clove oil with a few drops of organic extra virgin coconut oil on a piece of cotton pad and rub on your teeth and gums.

Melaleuca oil (Tea Tree oil) and peppermint essential oil can also be added for extra protection and a fresh breath.

Do not rinse your mouth after rubbing the oils on your teeth and leave it for about 20 minutes before rinsing.

The effect is amazing!  You will get super clean and smooth teeth. In fact, I think rubbing the teeth with cotton pads is cleaner than using a toothbrush as you can  get to hard-to-reach parts of your molar teeth without hurting your gums and teeth.

Try it and you’ll believe me!  But use only good quality and unadulterated essential oils. Do not compromise on the quality of your essential oils.

Exam Fever

Thai cave boys fever is over, so is football fever. In comes exam fever now and this fever takes years away from my life, prematurely!

This girl is a vomit-blood inducing kid.  I kid you not.  She wasn’t like this when she was much younger. She was the cute as a button, obedient, angelic little girl who could melt my heart instantly, now transformed into a life-sucking devil in disguise of a petite 10-year old girl.

One moment I would feel like strangling and slapping her, another moment, she can be the sweet little girl she used to be, massaging my temples, feet and shoulders and saying sweet little nothings to me. Tween hormones raging to be blamed? Maybe.

She seems to have lost her mojo and focus when it comes to revising. All her mojo and focus have shifted to her novels.  She is still pretty disciplined when it comes to doing her school homework (thanks to her class teacher who seems to be able to do a little magic in motivating her) but anything beyond homework, it’s a torture for her and me.

These days, she needs to sit next to me when she does her homework, with her hands, legs and body touching mine, as if to get her inner batteries charged from having bodily contact with me. Like I’ve said before, she is like my twin. Three years of breastfeeding this rascal has created a very special bond between us.  Not that I like someone snuggled next to me when I am doing my work on the computer. It is already super hot in the afternoon. With someone leaning on my side, that’s something that annoys me.  But a mother’s sacrifice has  no boundary. I let her snuggle and lean next to me, with 3 fans blowing at us at full blast 😍

After an hour of revision, she gets to claim her screen time but she’s not totally free in front of the idiot box. She has to help to peel garlic skin 😀

My lunch yesterday (Sunday, 15 July 2018) was spent with only Cass and Drama Queen. Alycia stayed home to revise for her History test, the hubs was at work at Cyberjaya and the mil was away in Ipoh. After sending Drama Queen to a BM talk at the tuition centre, I spent my afternoon doing chores and revising BM with Cass.

I can’t tell you how suffocating it was for me to revise with that stroppy pre-teen. It didn’t help that I was PMS-ing and was feeling extremely short-fused and hothead.

Lunch at PappaRich:

I bought 3 boxes of takeaway chicken + cha siew rice and grilled jumbo Portobello BBQ mushrooms for dinner.

This time I delegated the task of prepping the mushrooms completely to Drama Queen.

We all love this grilled super juicy and meaty jumbo Portobello. Prepping this dish just takes 5 minutes:  rinse and dry the mushrooms, grease a baking tray with olive oil, sprinkle chopped garlic and butter at the back of the mushrooms and grill for 15 minutes in the oven at 170C.

Once removed from the oven, season the mushrooms with freshly ground black pepper and scrape a little rock salt on them. Drama Queen tried her hand at carving patterns on the mushroom skin and it looks awesome!

I put an eraser on the mushroom as a comparison to show how huge it is.  At RM13.90 for a punnet of 4 mushrooms, it is a tad expensive. But it’s A-OK, mushrooms are superfood loaded with nutrients and cancer-fighting phytochemicals, they are delish and most of all, minimal cooking is required to prep a yummo dish which I can delegate to my 13-year old 😉

YL July Order

I am always in a good mood whenever I receive my monthly parcel from Young Living 😍

This month I ordered all my favorite essential oils ~ Stress Away (this oil can really  do wonders in removing some of the stress off my mind at a few sniffs!),  Joy (just like Orange, Joy is a happy essential oil. The scent makes me happy and I use it as perfume too!) and Frankincense (one of the must-have EOs at home and a great beauty and anti-aging EO).

For the Orange oil, I got it FREE! You read it right.  Young Living rewards its loyal members with free oils regularly.  Orange essential oil is one of my favorite oils and I use it everyday as a perfume and car air freshener. Sometimes I dab it outside my nostrils as the scent just puts me in a good mood.

Health benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil at a glance:
Photo credit: www.organicfacts.net

Other Benefits
Known as the king of essential oils, Frankincense oil relieves pain associated with rheumatism and arthritis. It helps to heal boils, infected wounds, acne, circulatory problems, insomnia, and various types of inflammation as well.

More recently, Frankincense oil has been used in European and American hospitals and is the subject of substantial research. Frankincense is also a valuable ingredient in skin care products for ageing and dry skin. The ancient Egyptians used it in rejuvenation face masks.

Special Promotion available only on 14 July 2018!


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One day Special Promotion on 14 July 2018!!
This promotion is only valid until 14 July 2018 11.59pm GMT.
Valid for order processed online via Virtual Office. I can help with your order too.

Don’t miss it!
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Just drop me an email  at shireenyong@gmail.com if you wish to try the Essential Oils.  I can even loan you a diffuser set with some sample Essential Oils for you to try.  You can also click here  to sign up as member (signing up online is so easy and fast!) or Whatsapp / call me at 019 266 4290.

High Protein Breakfast

This morning I didn’t feel like eating bread or granola for breakfast. Must be the hormones playing tricks again. I was just craving for protein. It must also be my body’s way of telling me that I need more nutrients before Aunt Flow visits soon.

I had a handful of crunchy walnuts and pecan, which the mil roasted over the weekend. And a big bowl of sweet beet root carrot soup with yummy tender fleshy pork bones.  Eating healthy proteins can really fill me up until lunch, without any craving for something sweet.

Did you know that protein is the single most important nutrient for weight loss and a better looking body? A high protein intake boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and changes several weight-regulating hormones and it is scientifically proven (123).

Protein can help you lose weight and belly fat, and it works via several different mechanisms.

Lunch today was roasted pork bone porridge with dried scallops.

Breakfast for Alycia and Cass on a Monday morning yesterday was walnut wholemeal bread ~ spread with butter for Cass and avocado for Alycia.  Snack box for recess was steamed ‘siew mai’.

After over a week of living on semi solid food, Alycia finally got used to having braces on her teeth. She is eating pretty normally now ~ even chocolate chip cookies, hard muruku and nuts. Way to go girl. I knew you could do it!