27 Dec 2020 ~ Donation To Stepping Stones Living Centre by The Girls

When Sherilyn won RM500 in cash as 3rd prize in an online talent competition organized by an international school in May this year, the principal of the school asked her via Zoom how she’d like to spend the money. Sherilyn told him that she would use part of the winning to donate to a charitable cause of her choice. Today she finally executed her pledge and baked Christmas cookies for the 50 residents of Stepping Stones Living Centre, a shelter for underprivileged children, women and senior citizens.

When Alycia and Cass heard that we’re going to the shelter home today, they were very eager to donate too, with the ang pow money they’d received for their birthday and Christmas.  We went to the supermarket to get soft drinks, bread, kaya and jam. The girls also donated their prized collection of novels and new but unused stationery.  It’s OK that their contribution is small, what matters most is that they contributed from their heart and I want them to have a compassionate and charitable heart.

My hurdle of the day – I had no frigging idea where the shelter home was. Mil kept urging me to send the goodies via Grab as she knew my sense of direction sucks  and it was already 6pm but I wanted to bring the girls there personally.  The girls and I then checked the direction, satellite images and images of the shelter online. And guess what? Cass told me reassuringly that she knew where the place is. She said that her school transporter used to pass by the shelter home everyday and told me to trust her! Honestly, I had no confidence in this rascal but since she sounded so reassuring, I had to trust her for once.  Cass even reassured me that if her direction was wrong, she would pay the Grab fare to bring the goodies there.

On our way to the shelter home ~ When Cass directed me to enter a short cut road with two NO ENTRANCE ⛔️  signages ⛔️and commented that her aunty J did that everyday for years, I was like “What? You will fail your driving undang-undang test next time if you answered that this sign means one can enter!” 😅  We were all so happy that we found the place effortlessly in less than 10 minutes!  The short cut route shortens the drive by at least 15 minutes.  Great job to Cass for recognizing the images of the shelter home from Google Maps.

A few hours before we were to leave for the shelter home, Sherilyn asked me to bring her to the bakery to get white chocolate to decorate the cookies (melted white choc mixed with blue food coloring) so that they look more festive for the underprivileged residents.

Eleventh hour shopping for snacks as Alycia and Cass said that they wanted to donate too.

The cookie-baking marathon started 3 days ago and Sherilyn had to bake hundreds of them in different flavors.

Everyone chipped in to help pack the cookies.

We had dinner at Seng Kee Kitchen, our favorite tai chow restaurant after we left the shelter home. It’s our first dining in at this restaurant after many months.

I’m super proud of my girls. I didn’t know that they’re so charitable and generous. They’re even planning their next donation drive to another shelter home early next year, using their ang pow money ❤️


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How Do You Spice Up A Boring Relationship: 6 Tips For Her

When you’re new in a dating relationship, everything seems so exciting, fun and adventurous.  The heart flutters that you get when you see his name flashing on the screen of your mobile phone each time it rings and whenever he gets near you could be something that married couples miss a lot.  You don’t even need to don on some cheap sexy dresses to feel sexy. You feel sexy all the time you’re with him.   Enter marriage and a new baby and all these excitement seems to have dissipated.  We forget that we are supposed to be having fun but we get into a rut.   It doesn’t have to be like that, you don’t have to be that ‘boring’ couple. Here are 6 ways you can re-ignite the spark and have more fun in your relationship.

1)  Find Out What Makes Each Other Happy
Doing things that makes each other happy is not only a great way to spend time together but also shows that you care about the other person, how they feel and that you want to do things that make them radiate with joy.

2) Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone
Ever gone camping in the jungle, bungee jumping or something as simple as making an impromptu drive out to another state for a day trip?   If you keep doing what you’ve always done and what you’re comfortable with, you’re not going to grow and you’re going to end up in the rut zone for a long time.

3) Dress up raunchily
One way to spice things up in a relationship is to dress a little sexier. Check out cheap and playful wholesale lingerie at FeelinGirlDress.com to get a couple of raunchy lingerie to spice things up in the bedroom.

Ritzy Black Cut Out Teddy Embroidery Plunge Neck Images On Pinterest

Green Silk Backless Split Teddy Eyelash Lace Nightwear Dissolute Bedtime

4)  Sexy messages
Lighten the mood and be playful by sending little flirty and romantic messages, emails or texts throughout the day. Let your other half know that you are thinking of him constantly.  You might even leave a naughty note inside your significant other’s briefcase, laptop bag, in the car, or even on their pillow.

5)  Talk to each other everyday
If you are in a relationship where you or your partner goes straight to bed after a day’s work and are too tired to have a meal together as a family, this is a major relationship killer. Make sure that you find the time to talk to each other. Communicate everyday to spice up a boring relationship as this can do wonders in your relationship.

6) Dress up
Remember during your courting days you would dress up to impress your partner? You would always try to look your best whenever there was a date. Years must have passed but you can still do that. Revamp your wardrobe by checking out FeelinGirlDress hot products, try a new hairstyle and change your dressing style and watch the fireworks after that!

Comfy Sapphire Blue Drapery Hem Crossover Back Evening Dress

Life becomes unexciting if you continue to follow a same and simple routine every day. Your relationship with your spouse will also turn mundane, where sex is just another mechanical task and romance is a thing of the past.  Simple efforts from your side will also motivate your partner to come up with ways to spice up the relationship.

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Christmas Dinner ~ 25 December 2020

We had a small pot bless Christmas party attended by immediate family members from hubby’s side today.  The last time we had a gathering was in February this year during CNY.  Relatives from New Zealand, UK, Taiwan and HK were absent this year. Nonetheless, it was a great reunion of the Yaps at our yearly Christmas dinner with the usual roast turkey with stuffing, glazed ham, pigs in a blanket, minced pies, pasta, roast festive vegetables, fruit cake and Tiramisu.

This year we prepped the pigs in a blanket.

Our 6.5kg roast turkey with delish giblet gravy.

Stuffing for the roast turkey:


Roast pumpkin, potatoes and onions.

Pesto pasta with scallops and prawns.

Low-sugar fruitcake with extra booze and walnuts.

Focacia bread.

Minced pies

The girls received fewer presents this year but they’re totally OK with it.  What’s more important is the reunion with their aunt, grand aunties and grand uncles.  We’re very thankful that everyone in the family is safe and healthy. One of my Christmas wishes is for this pandemic to die out and for our lives to return to normalcy very soon.


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Nancy Chong’s Butter Icing Butter Cake

A good friend of hubs went to Ipoh and got him the much raved about Nancy Chong butter icing butter cake as Christmas gift.  I’ve heard and read so much about Nancy Chong’s cake but never had the chance to try it until today.  And it’s really delicious, although we find the icing too sweet.

The cake is made of pure butter and elegantly laced with melt-in-mouth icing that’s buttery with a  fine sandy texture coming from the icing sugar.   The taste and texture of Nancy Chong’s cake reminds me of the first time I tried butter cake with butter icing at a classmate’s 8th birthday party in Ipoh. I got hooked on the cake and told my mum about it. I asked mum to find the bakery that sold the butter icing cake but she didn’t really understood what her 8-year old daughter was describing to her.    Now that I’ve finally tasted Nancy’s cake, the cake that I ate at my friend’s birthday party 39 years ago could have been Nancy Chong’s butter icing butter cake as it tastes very similar, with the traditional piped flower icing.  Nancy Chong’s cakes have been around since 1958.

So happy that after 39 years, I finally tasted the cake that still makes me think about it all the time.  The closest that I’ve tasted is Wondermilk butter icing cup cakes.  I’m now already thinking of getting a Nancy Chong’s butter icing cake to celebrate my homecoming and reunion with my parents in Ipoh when we have the chance to go back to Ipoh.  Currently, we dare not go back to Ipoh as my parents are high risk folks with high blood pressure and mum has weak lungs and asthma.  Well, the agreement with the various vax firms have been inked and would be enough to cover about 80% of our country’s population (but children are not included yet). Hopefully the pandemic will be controlled by the first half of 2021! 🙏

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4 Wedding Checklist Items to Complete Sooner Rather Than Later

There are many items to check off on a wedding to-do list. It can be difficult to know what to prioritize and how to finish everything in a timely manner. Below are four checklist items to complete sooner rather than later during your wedding planning.

1. Buy a Wedding Dress

It’s not that there aren’t plenty of wedding dresses from which to choose, but it can take several weeks to secure the bridal salon appointments you want. On top of that, it takes even longer for the gown to arrive, and then you need to leave weeks of time for fittings and alterations. The sooner you purchase your dress, the sooner the process can begin.

2. Book Beauty Appointments.

Your favorite hair salon Austin TX or make-up artist has a set number of appointments available on the big day, so booking these appointments well in advance will ensure you have the stylists of your choice. If you manage to lock down the appointments early enough, you also could book practice sessions, so you know the looks will be close to perfect on your special day.

3. Hire Entertainment.

A band or DJ can only perform at one event each day or night. This is why you need to hire all of your wedding reception entertainment as early as possible. This same principle should also apply to any soloists for the service.

4. Wrap Wedding Favors.

Making or ordering your wedding guests’ favors well in advance will save you time as you near the wedding day. Choose a favor that won’t spoil, like personalized M&Ms or drink koozies, and wrap a certain number each week leading up to the wedding. It can be a relaxing and simple task that you do with your future spouse or a roommate while you binge a favorite show.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and hard work, so start checking off tasks as soon as possible.


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Cassandra’s Choice of High School – Updated

After months of feeling unsettled with her choice of high school, Cass has, after going through a tough time weighing the pros and cons, finally made up her mind.  She’s decided to let go of the high school of her initial choice.  After going through the hassle of submitting the tedious application online and emailing the school by herself, going to the school to sit for the entrance exam and finally getting the results, she has decided to take Plan B.

All the while, I knew that Cass didn’t really want to get into this high school. She knew very well that studying in Chinese for another 5 – 6 years is not what she really wanted.   Alycia has been telling us that had her dad given her a choice 5 years ago, she would never choose this high school.

As most of her good friends applied to get into this coveted high school, Cass followed suit.  When the freshmen list was out recently and Cass’ name was in, she  was happy initially. But when the reality of her going to another tough Chinese school sunk in, she was not enthusiastic anymore.  She didn’t even bother to go to the high school’s website to read the instructions on the online orientation.  She asked me if she could change her mind. I told her to think about it very carefully as she wanted this high school so badly initially.  Finally when the book list was out last week and I had to make payment by last Sunday, Cass had to make the final decision and she chose Plan B.  It was a hard decision for Cass to make.

Even though we’d paid almost RM1k to the high school for registration fee and entrance exam fee, it’s OK that Cass makes an about turn now before we pay another few thousand Ringgit in January next year. It’s OK to forgo the RM1k than to spend even more and Cass is not happy in the high school.

So… Cass will be going to a public school, the same school that Sherilyn is going to. I’m glad that Cass made the decision to change high school before school starts in mid January next year.   This is the second time Cass had to make a major decision for herself.  When she was 10 years old, she told me that no matter the outcome and risks, she would take the risk of going through a CT scan (risk of radiation) and go through another major surgery(s) so that she could be totally healed from her urinary issues.

I hope Cass’ decision this time is the right one for her. But if it’s not, I’ve got her back and we can look at the alternative route, i.e. Plan C.  That’s what parents are for ~ to catch you when you fall and to go through the ups and downs with you so that you’re happy, safe and walk on the right path.

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CMCO Day 191 ~ Thursday, 17 December 2020

This is Cassandra’s book list, downloaded from the website of her high school.  I have until this Sunday to make online payment of RM581.20 to the school.  I have been asking Cass if she really wants to go to this high school before I make payment for the books.   Cass chose this high school mainly because her best friend and most of her classmates are going to this school and not because she likes to study in Chinese for another 5 to 6 years.  No doubt this is a coveted high school but she knows herself too well. She has always struggled with Chinese language, thus, she is now still not 101% sure if she really wants to go to this high school next year  😟

I’ve asked Cass to sleep over it and to let me know her decision by this Saturday.  I would rather she backs out from this high school now (even though I’ve paid almost RM1k for registration and entrance exam) than her regretting it later.  It’s going to be costly and troublesome to transfer her to another school later.

Alycia has been telling Cass that had her dad given her a choice, this high school will never be her choice because it’s just not easy to study all the Science subjects and Math in dual language (Chinese and English) and sit for double exams (public exams as well as UEC).  Chinese independent high school Math is well known to be mind boggling confusing and it’s been driving her nuts for the past 5 years.  Alycia had wanted to get into Catholic High School but her dad is just too, well, pro-Chinese school 😟.

My choice is still international school or homeschool learning (in a learning center) and had we not been impacted financially by the darn pandemic, I would have sent Cass to an international school located right smack in our cozy neighborhood.

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is not too far away. Have you checked off everyone on your gift list this year? If you’ve not even started shopping for Christmas yet, fret not!  You still have 1 more week to go.   I’ve done some online window shopping and have an ultimate roundup of the best Christmas presents of 2020 for everyone – even those hard-to-shop-for people in your life, like teenagers and mothers-in-law!

Tea towels, a vintage colorful natural Agate stone beaded bracelet, a luxurious body butter with fruity scents and anti-wrinkle cream will make great Christmas gifts for moms and moms-in-law.

I don’t know about you but all the men in my life never seem to want anything while I can barely keep my shopping addiction under control  😆. When it comes to shopping for gifts, men are the hardest people to shop for.  Nonetheless, I have a few gift suggestions that will work for at least one of the special men in your life.  A rechargeable screw driver comes in handy for all of those light-duty tasks around the house if your man likes installing and assembling things in the house.  A hooded trench coat mens will be a cool outerwear to have, especially if you live in a cold country.

You won’t have to worry about eye rolls when you choose a smartwatch or a vintage unisex multilayer bracelet for your teenage son or daughter.  My teenage girls will surely welcome blanket hoodies or hooded sweatshirts. I think hoodies are a teenage thing as I notice that my friends’ teenage kids love hooded apparel too.  Oh yes I loved hooded sweatshirts too when I was a teenage girl 😁.

You won’t go wrong with teddy hoodies for a brother, dad or special man in your life.  The men’s patchwork half zipper fluffy pouch pocket teddy hoodie you see below is so fluffy, soft and comfy.

What about gifts for a boss?  Getting a gift for a boss who has everything in the world is one of the toughest things to accomplish.  You could get him/her a personalized wallet with his/her name engraved on it with a sentimental quote or message.  A temperature control mug or deep sea sand art paper weight are great ideas for bosses too. If you have a fashion-savvy male boss, a gift of long coat men is sure to amaze him too.

Delighting your friends and colleagues, wowing your loved ones, and spreading Christmas cheer has never been easier but with these amazing gift ideas, I’m sure you can think of something to get for all the special people in your life. Check out New Chic for a great range of affordable and nice Christmas gifts.  Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!




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CMCO Day 188 ~ Monday, 14 Dec 2020

This is our dinner today crafted by our teenage chef:

1. Butter poached salmon with homemade Aioli sauce and wakame salad
2. Japanese tofu salad
3. Grilled mackeral with Chef S’ homemade teriyaki sauce
4. Onion omelette
5. Blanched broccoli

Dish #4 and #5 were prepped by the mil.

Today’s dinner is slightly costlier than our usual dinner as the salmon and mackeral fillets are expensive. Two small pieces cost over RM50.  Sherilyn has been dishing out chicken dishes for 4 days straight and we had KFC last week on the MIL’s birthday.  And then there extra chicken curry dishes from hubby’s shop.   We’ve all had too much of chicken and now cringe at the thought and sight of a chicken dish  😆.  I told our chef that we’re not going to have any chicken dish for at least a week. Thus, we had fish cooked in two styles tonight 😄


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Reasons Why You Should Buy Quality Shoes

Shoes are something that I would not scrimp and save my money on because nothing matters more than walking and running on a super comfy pair of shoes.  You would think that you could buy cheap shoes to save you some money, but that’s just not the case.  Would you save twenty bucks on a cheaper pair of shoes but that pair of shoes are made of cheesy materials that are so uncomfortable that you ended up with corns, calluses and painful blisters on your toes and back of your heel?  Hell no 😅

Most people regard their shoes as one of the most important items in their entire wardrobe, and for good reasons. No matter what outfit you are wearing, if you aren’t happy with your shoes, you’re not going to be contented or comfortable. Whether we’re talking about a pair of running shoes, sneakers, a colorful pair of sandals or a sexy pair of court heels, the right shoes can truly pull an entire outfit together, and any fashion-forward person knows this very well.

As I jog almost every morning and run a lot of errands, I am always in a quality and comfy pair of running shoes or sneakers. My FitBit keeps track of my steps and this motivates me to walk and run more each day. Thus, my shoes are my best partners in helping me achieve over 10k steps each day, comfortably.

Here are 3 reasons why you should invest in good quality shoes:

1. Better protection for your feet
Shoes that cause blisters to your feet may soon end up in the recycling bin. This will also cost you money in blister plasters and medicated cream. Quality shoes with leather lining or soft spongy lining can help to prevent foot odour, besides giving you a soft and comfy feeling when you wear them.

2. Projects a good impression
Carefully crafted, quality shoes look different from cheaply-made equivalents.  It’s human nature for people to judge each other by what they wear and by their shoes in particular.  If your job requires you to meet people frequently, it’s worth investing a little more on a pair of quality shoes to project a more refined image to the world.

3. Confidence boosting
When you buy quality shoes, not only do you invest in comfort but also in your own self-esteem. Do you remember the feeling you get each time you slip into a pair of branded shoes at a glitzy party? The sheer comfort your feet were in and the confidence you had strutting around the banquet hall and just didn’t want to be seated at your table? Feeling confident about how you look makes the difference between having a great day, and an ordinary one. This pair of Pink Satin Pumps would surely make you feel sexy and boost your confidence up a few notches.

Satin Lace-up D'orsay Pointy Toe Heeled Wedding Pumps

What’s your favorite color or motif on your heels? I like mine in black, red, dusty pink or with leopard print! I’ve always loved leopard prints on my bags, outfits or shoes, like this gorgeous pair of Leopard Print Heel Suede Stiletto Heel Pumps from Up2Step.com.

Leopard Print Heel Suede Stiletto Heel Pumps

A complete shoe wardrobe is as essential as having a wardrobe filled abundantly with clothing and other important accessories for the various occasions and venues.  Many people easily overlook the least prominent part of an outfit ~ their shoes. However, it is so important to realize that whatever we wear is an integral part of the overall appearance.  Christmas and the year end celebrations are just around the corner. If you need a great pair of strappy heels, pumps or sandals for the year end parties, head over to Up2Step.com to shop for some quality shoes!


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Falling Into Substance Abuse and Getting Help

Currently, there are endless ways in which you can fall into substance abuse, which is evidently harmful to health. This activity is a serious social problem and a chronic problem for many people who have to eventually go into Denver Rehab. There are a series of symptoms that are diagnosed as dependence and excessive consumption of certain substances. The person will have these issues below:

  • Desire to consume any drug in a compulsive and intensive way
  • Problems to control the consumption of any illicit substance
  • Tolerance to any type of drug, which makes it necessary to consume higher doses of it

Despite the fact that there is knowledge about the consequences of the ongoing consumption of illicit substances, in addition to the severity in which the body may be compromised, the addict will still persist in their consumption.

The Addicts

Addicts will usually abandon all activities that represent a source of fun or pleasure due to the consumption of psychoactive substances, as well as an increase in the time invested in obtaining it. For this reason, there are places that provide rehabilitation of drugs and other substances that are harmful to health. Denver Rehab is one of the many clinics where there is a treatment to improve their quality of life. However, addiction, unlike other types of diseases, is progressive and its progress can be seen depending on how the alteration has manifested itself at a biological, psychological, and/or social level.

Denial and Deception

It should be noted that it is very common for there to be a denial or, where appropriate, a self-deception in the primary characteristics of the addiction itself. It is important to comment that the direct factors that encourage the individual to try a substance are usually cultural and societal. Their environment is in part the reason for addictions as such, although always and at the end of everything, the decision is made by the individual.

Treating Addiction

On the other hand, in order to treat an addiction, it is important that the most characteristic elements of the dependence are taken into account. Thus, it is also important to note that when the family proceeds to hospitalize a patient in a rehab center, it is possible that there may be confusion about which procedure is better. There may also be confusion in the process since there is anguish, frustration, and hopelessness after months or years of trying to get help for that person.


However, you have to look for the most appropriate information and guidance, as well as find rehab centers that are reputable and known to be able to treat any type of addiction. You mainly want to find a place that provides the best help for the patient to solve their problem and not generate more. Getting into a residential Denver Rehab center should be the first line of defense, even if you have to have an intervention done.

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How to Keep Learning Everyday 

The act of learning something every day is one of the best ways of keeping your life interesting, as well as providing a great sense of personal satisfaction and achievement. Not only this, but it also helps out significantly to make you highly employable and serves to make you a more well-rounded person. And it has health benefits! There are plenty of actions that you can take on a daily basis to continue learning, and here are some of them.

Visit New Places 

While worldwide traveling can provide plenty of opportunity for personal growth and learning, you don’t necessarily have to go so far afield in order to learn. A lot of people overlook some of the history and culture of their local area – visiting a museum or a heritage site can prove to be the perfect way of setting this right. Even taking a walk in a different neighborhood around you can give you a new sense of your local area, and you may stumble across a new café or a restaurant that you simply have to visit. 

Listen to Podcasts 

A largely free form of media that has seen surged over recent years is the podcast. Nowadays, pretty much every celebrity out there has their own podcast! As well as covering entertainment topics, you will find podcasts that delve into everything from history to politics – and everything in between. Since so many of them are available at no cost at all, you can always give one a go and find out whether or not it is for you. If you don’t like it, you haven’t lost anything and you can always move onto the next one. 

Enrol in a Class 

So much learning is done online these days, so why not enrol yourself in a class? There is plenty to learn from RCFE continuing education classes to trying to pick up a second language. Plus, you can make as big a commitment as you like – whether you want to take a full-length degree course or just a short few casual classes. No matter what classes you take on, they give you a sense of structure, which can prove to be enormously beneficial to your learning experience as a whole. Plus, you are being taught by someone who is knowledgeable in their field, which can prove to be more useful than trying to do everything all by yourself. 

Speak to New People 

Everyone has their own personal story to tell. Finding out about them can teach you so much and open up new doors that you never imagined before. Ultimately, you learn the most through the simple act of listening, and many people are more than happy to tell you about their lives. Even talking to the people that you already know can tell you a lot. Alternatively, you could volunteer your time to listen. For example, there are plenty of retirement homes that offer a program that involves having a chat with their residents. While old people can sometimes be overlooked, they have an enormous amount to share and great stories to tell if we just take the time to listen to them.

Watch Documentaries 

A simple way of letting a new world unfold before your eyes is to watch a documentary. There are plenty of these available on all your regular TV channels, as well as the streaming services, so you can enjoy them to your heart’s content. If possible, try to choose a wide variety of subjects to watch. This way, you are getting the fullest possible picture of the world around you. When you are watching a documentary, it is worth really engaging with it rather than spending the time on your phone. 

Share Knowledge with Others 

As well as learning yourself, the act of passing this knowledge onto others can also provide an enormous sense of satisfaction, as well as the opportunity for you to learn as well. A good example of this is a language exchange in which you speak with someone who wants to improve their English, while you are interested in picking up their mother tongue. 

Committing to lifelong learning is one of the most personally satisfying experiences that you can enjoy in life and has all sorts of natural benefits associated with it. These are just some of the steps that you can take on a daily basis to achieve this goal. Doing one or more of them every day can go a long way.

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Saturday, 12 December 2020 ~ Cassandra’s Graduation From Primary School

Today is the graduation of Cass from SJKC Kuen Cheng 2.  I’ve never revealed in my blogs where my girls attend primary school for their safety. Finally after 10 years, I can pull up the curtain as I bid adieu to this school.  I will  definitely miss going to this school.  My 3 girls have created so much happy memories and made many good friends in this school.  The teachers are dedicated, caring and hardworking. Cass has always had the best class teachers who are really concerned about her throughout her 6 years in the school.  I’ve made friends with some of the teachers and with some of my girls’ friends’ parents.

January 2015 ~ Cass on her first day of school at Kuen Cheng 2 in Primary 1.

Nov 2016 ~ Cass with her trophy for good academic achievement when she was in Primary 2.

When Alycia was 5 years old, we had to start registering her into a primary school.  Hubs only wanted SJKC Kuen Cheng 2 as it’s a top performance school. I had so much doubts that Alycia would survive a Chinese primary school as she was already struggling with learning in Chinese in pre-school (3QMRC). But hubs was steadfast with his decision to send his girls to a Chinese school.  We are both yellow bananas and cannot guide our girls in Chinese.

As expected, the 3 girls struggled in a Chinese school, they hated studying in Chinese and they hated the corporal punishment typical of a Chinese school. They hated Chinese tuition and there were plenty of incidences of them hiding their tuition homework books and crying / sleeping / hiding in the bathroom during tuition. Ms M, the girls’ Chinese language tutor of 10 years told me frankly to look for another tutor for Cass as she was such a painful student to have! I couldn’t agree more with Ms M.  But Ms M persevered and continued tutoring Cass until the end of November this year.

There were tears from the girls and from me for the past 10 years. There was lots of frustration, lots of hair-pulling situations, several phone calls from their school teachers, several meet-ups with their teachers but the 3 girls made it and graduated from this Chinese school, which is a high prestige school (Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi).   Cass has even made it to the top 15% of her cohort throughout her 6 years in this school. I am so proud of  my 3 girls for surviving a tough Chinese primary school. And I am so proud of myself for surviving 10 hair-pulling and head-banging years with them!!

Cass and I both attended the online graduation via Webex on our desktop PCs respectively today.

My camera-shy girl is forced to take these pix as her class teacher requires all the students to take a photo of themselves with some hand-written farewell notes in Chinese  😁.

And here’s the happy ending to Cass’ primary school series.  A new chapter will begin soon and the story will center on yet another tough Chinese school (private Chinese high school which Alycia is currently attending). Totally NOT MY CHOICE but 100% Cass’ choice.  My choice is for Cass to go to Sherilyn’s school.    May God bless us both with another 5-6 peaceful, smooth-sailing and happy years with no more head-banging and hair-pulling moments! 🙏

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CMCO Day 183 ~ Wednesday, 9 Dec 2020

Today is the queen’s 75th birthday and Sherilyn made Mont Blanc cupcakes for her grandma. The chestnut cream is made from chestnuts (cooked into a paste) and swirled atop the Génoise Sponge cake. The cake is super yums ~ not too sweet, not cloy and very light. The chestnut cream has a nice aroma of fresh chestnuts. This would easily cost RM15 – RM20 each at a glitzy bakery or cafe. But our cost is only about RM5 each, or less.

SILs from Hong Kong, Hawaii, UK and New Zealand arranged for a Kochi Yuzu Mango Tart from Lacher Patisserie to be sent to their mom. They arranged for flowers delivery too.

Lunch today was the extra food from hubby’s shop >> https://www.facebook.com/CatermateCateringandDelivery ~ grilled salmon, grilled chicken, spaghetti and Daging Masak Berempah/Hitam. And dinner was KFC delivery as the mil loves KFC. We’re all so so so stuffed today 🥴

Daging Masak Hitam / Berempah (beef cooked in spicy dark sauce with spices) is a sweet and aromatic beef dish cooked with a myriad of healthy herbs and spices, from galangal to shallots, garlic, lemongrass, cardamom, ginger, etc. The beef is simmered with all these spices and dark soy sauce for over an hour and the result is tender redolent beef that tantalizes your taste bulb. I love this beef to bits!

Fresh Japanese chestnuts and Tong Guan organic chestnuts were used in the chestnut paste.

Génoise Sponge cupcakes before the chestnut cream topping.



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3 December 2020 Dinner ~ Keto Lasagna

As we had a very costly abalone hot pot dinner last night coz the in-house chef opened our expensive can of extra large abalone without asking my permission, I told her we’re going to have cheap vegan dinners for the next few days to counter-balance our budget 😆

So chef Sherilyn cooked a meat-free lasagna from scratch.  The pasta sheets are replaced with two zucchinis (which are selling pretty cheaply at the supermarket lately).  Lots of tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, herbs, spices and egg plants go into the sauce.  This is such a flavor-intense and healthy meal~ my kind of meal 😋

Charred brinjal for the Baba ghanoush, one of the sauces (to replace cream) in the lasagana sauce.

At a glimpse when I walked into the kitchen, I thought she’d grilled a lobster😆

This is a dish that I won’t mind eating several times a week. It’s inexpensive yet bursting with deliciousness, flavors, antioxidants and nutrients. And it’s super low in carbs and calories too.

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6 Ways to Be a Healthy Mom

Being a parent is an amazing job. With that role comes immense responsibility and a long list of things to do each day. To ensure that you’re not burning out or running yourself into the ground, you must prioritize your own needs. Below are some ways that you can be a healthy mom.

Take Time Out
One of the most important things for moms is to take time out. While it is difficult to find the time when you’re running around looking after babies and kids, you’ll be a much better mom if you get a break yourself. Rather than fill each minute with a task, spend time here and there for a short meditation break or to sit quietly. There will surely be a million things on your mind each day, so slowing down those thoughts will do you nothing but good.

Don’t Neglect Your Eating
As a parent, it can be easy to neglect your own eating patterns. Trying to feed hungry children throughout the day often means you have little time to sit down to a meal yourself. But again, looking after your own needs is vital if you want to be strong and healthy for your kids. Find time to make sure you’re eating regular, healthy meals and that you’re not just snacking on junk food in between.

Do Things for Yourself
Being a mom means your job is to be there for your kids and make sure they have
everything they need. However, if you don’t draw boundaries and take time for yourself, you can end up burning out or feeling resentful. While your kids’ needs are vitally important, make sure you put your own activities into your schedule. Whether it’s a hobby or a passion — or even something as mundane as playing online games and checking out Zeus bingo reviews — the important thing is that you carve out ‘you’ time as much as possible.

Exercise Regularly
Every mom will be aware of the importance of exercise, but it’s a tip that’s worth repeating.  Taking time to exercise is another important way of looking after your health so that you remain energized and mobile. If going to the gym isn’t a valid option; there are plenty of workouts or routines online that you can do while the little ones are occupied or asleep.

Sleep When You Can
Many parents will roll their eyes at this one, especially during the baby years when sleep is hard to come by. But the importance of sleep cannot be underrated when it comes to your mental and physical well-being. Being chronically sleep-deprived can lead to a weakened immune system and cognitive difficulties. While schedules and waking babies can make this difficult, try to manage your time so that you can increase your sleep throughout the day. It may require juggling or delegating, but your body will thank you for it.

Don’t Do Everything
This is another easy thing to do when you’re a parent, especially if you’re on your own or new to the game. The list of things to do can feel endless, but there are always ways to manage your schedule so that you’re not doing everything. If you have help at your disposal, make sure you take advantage of it. Burning out or becoming ill out of exhaustion will not help you or your children, so don’t do everything and prioritize your well-being as much as you can.

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