Parents’ Day

My Saturday started very early today – at 4:45am.

After Alycia left the house at 6:20am, I woke Drama Queen and Cass up.  It’s Parents’ Day cum report card collection day today!

The hubs left the house very early too. His client’s event is in Rawang, thus he was not able to follow me to see the girls’ teachers.

I left the house at 7:30am and thought that we were still early and would at least get parking easily but no.  The roads leading to the school were jam packed with cars. I dropped Drama Queen at the road side so that she could walk into school to get the queue numbers. I had to make a U-turn and drive out again. I managed to find a not-so-nice spot at the road side and took a long walk into the school. Thank God the weather has been gloomy and chilly the past 2 days and I didn’t mind the long walk.

While waiting for our turn to see the teachers, Cass had breakfast at the canteen.

After a long 3 hours wait, I was done meeting the teachers. Had I reached school a minute later, I would have to wait at least half an hour more. I was the last to see Cass’ teacher before the teachers went for their break.

Cass has done pretty well in this exam and I’m so proud of her!!  Will she remain consistently good in her marks up until Primary 6? It’s really hard to tell. It is not easy to study Chinese and it’s not easy to get this girl to be passionate about her studies as she hates studying in Chinese.  It is not easy for yellow banana kids to grasp the Chinese language when both the parents are not Chinese educated.   Plus the syllabus and marking scheme have recently changed. There are now more subjective questions and HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions.

Drama Queen has shown improvement in her standard position as well but still has lots to brush up.  She has one more year of preparation before she sits for the UPSR exam.

Next Saturday will be another parents’ day attendance for us and this time to collect the big girl’s report card! It will be her first report card in junior high school. I know she didn’t fare very well in her exam.  This girl with a temperament as cool as a cucumber was way too relaxed in her recent exam. I have never seen her so laid-back in her 6 years of primary schooling. Perhaps she thinks that this is her ‘honeymoon year’.   Wait till next year comes when she’s in her sophomore year, which is the year before her PT3 exam and I’m pretty sure she will be stuffed with more homework from school and pushed to work harder.

It wasn’t long ago that the girls sat for their exams and guess what? It will be exactly 1 more month before they sit for another exam! Stress stress stress!!


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