PayPal Money Finally Withdrawn

Yay! Today, i finally transferred my 2nd batch of $$ in my PayPal account into my elder brother’s account in Singapore. My brother will then cash out the money for me and pass it to me next month when we meet up in Ipoh. As for my 1st batch of $$, it’s still in my 1st PayPal account and I’ll transfer it to my sil’s US bank account later. Pretty troublesome…. don’t know when PayPal will ever solve the glitch.

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6 thoughts on “PayPal Money Finally Withdrawn

  1. woohoo! it’s a nice feeling getting paid for all the sponsored posts we did. I too got my 2nd check from RM. I still haven’t touched the money they credited to paypal, I’ll just have to wait, coz my friend wants to get a check instead of giving her bank account. And for every check i need to pay $1.50. Maybe when it reaches $200 then I’ll ask them to send check

  2. Hey it sucks that we can’t withdraw Paypal in MY and INA. I am thinking to open an account in SG for this but it’s too costly.

  3. Girlie… how many days does it take for the cheque to be cleared in the Phillipines? I’m also thinking of getting RM to pay me by cheque.

    Cherry… where is INA?

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