Peek-a-boo In The Closet

These days, this little cili padi loves playing peek-a-boo with us by hiding inside the closet. She is not afraid of being in the dark and will always push the sliding door of the closet to close it when she’s inside. I always drag her out of the closet as I don’t want her to make it a habit of playing inside the closet coz it’s dangerous inside there alone.

Here, she’s pulling Alycia jie jie’s hand and inviting her to hop into the closet with her….

“Come, come, come…!”  This is one of Baby’s favorite words these days….

Closing the closet door all by herself…

Daddy the neat freak always complains that his clothes are disheveled all the time. He thought I did it but I told him that the culprit is his precious little cili padi.

“Peek-a-BOOOOOO mummy!”

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