Pool-side BBQ At Our Condo

There was a BBQ at the pool-side of our condo last Saturday. The BBQ was done by the hubs and his team at Catermate.  It was to celebrate the hubs’ basketball team winning a match.  Yup, the hubs is a true basketball fanatic and so is everyone in his team. He eats, sleeps, dreams and does everything basketball.  Sometimes I wonder who is more important to him – me or basketball?  Dear, if you’re reading this, tell me tonight k 🙂 

Anyway, here are the pix of the BBQ:

Steak, jumbo sausages, chicken, salmon, big prawns, fresh scallops on the buffet table, waiting to be BBQed… 

My plate of protein, which I shared with my mil and maid….

The cook at the BBQ stove…. there was also a whole roast lamb and chicken and beef satay too…

Baby enjoying her walk by the pool-side. Her 2 jie jies were too busy playing and couldn’t be bothered to take pix with mummy and Baby.

By the way, if you’re looking for a caterer to provide food for your private function or for your company, please check out Catermate, run by my hubs.  He can be reached at 019-266 4297.

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24 thoughts on “Pool-side BBQ At Our Condo

  1. hahah why did u paint your face?? i was thinking of a BBQ party too but too troublesome to prepare food! maybe should try to contact your hub!

  2. yum yum yum!!! hey why do u disguise ur face? u’re a very beautiful lady (can see in some of ur photos lah), should let us appreciate ur beauty 🙂

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