Post Surgery – Day 3

Ever since my discharge from the hospital, I have been treated like a woman in confinement. I eat confinement food, drink red dates + blue dates + tong sum tonic everyday, not allowed to shower more than once a day lest the wound gets infected (though the dr. has given me the green light to shower), not allowed to get out of the house, not allowed to walk too much, coerced to lie down in bed to rest though I am not tired, not allowed to carry heavy things and do heavy house work.

So I got my little darlings to help me with the chores. Cass would always help me to carry the pail of laundry to the clothes rack and I would be seated on a chair while I hang the clothes. Can you spot who is helping me wipe the floor in the pic below?

Yesterday I had visitors at home. They brought along some goodies for me from fruits to chicken essence, red dates, bak chang, kuih and some delish pies from Kenny Hills Bakers.

Colorful handcrafted angku kueh made from natural colors and ingredients and tapioca balls from Cute Cute Angku.

These angkus are totally out of this world. The colorful skin is super soft and chewy, filled with a generous amounts of mung bean filling which is not overly sweet nor cloy.

Delish pies from Kenny Hills Bakers.

These pies, made with top-flight ingredients are some of tastiest commercial pies I have tasted. I especially love the mushroom truffle pie and slow-cooked beef pie. But the tastiest pies are still the ones made by my talented Drama Queen 😊

This morning I received a call from SYMC that is troubling me quite a bit.  Out of the RM26,000 hospitalization bill, the insurance company is not covering the cost of the power morcellator and the morcellator bag, totalling almost RM6,000.  I have enlisted the help of my insurance agent to help me fight this claim. Do pray for me that we win our case 💪 Thank you folks💓

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4 thoughts on “Post Surgery – Day 3

  1. It’s good to be treated like a Queen sometimes and get some rest 😀 Your mom is cooking for you now? I am surprised to know that your insurance company is not covering the bill 100%. What reason did they give?

    1. Hey Barb, my dad and mil are cooking for me 😀 Reason given by Prudential is that power morcellator and the bag are accessories listed in the exclusion list. 🙁

  2. Shireen, so glad that you are recovering well and you have help with the household chores! My mom tells me that after this type of surgery, it’s as good as giving birth and this is the best time to ‘pou’ and your body will be able to tolerate all the heaty confinement food. Hope your insurance claim is met 100%!

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