Posting A Letter By Snail Mail

It’s been donkey yonkey years since I last posted a letter by snail mail by slotting the letter into a post box by the roadside. With the advent of the email, Whatsapp, courier, fax and office boy service, we hardly need to get down to the post box to post a mail.

Cass misses her koong koong and granny very much. She likes to write them letters and makes them charms from Rainbow Loom bands. She had written them a letter about a month ago and placed the letter in a sealed envelope, along with a Rainbow Loom charm. She had asked me to post the letter for her but I never had the time to do it, until today, which is a public holiday. I have no idea what the contents of the letter are nor what charm she had made for them. I have no frigging idea what is inside the envelope. I just checked the address and dang it, now I remember that I did not even check the value of the stamp on the envelope!

I hope the letter reaches my parents. Cass would be furious if she finds out that I have made this blog posting as she wanted her koong koong and granny to receive the letter by surprise!

How much does it cost to post a letter weighing less than 5g now?  During my snail  mail years (about 2 decades ago), it only cost 30 sen.


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