PR4 For My Blog!

I got a surprise of my life today when Hui Sia sent me a text message at around noon  informing me that the Google PR of my blog has been promoted to PR4!  I just could not believe her and I could not check it myself as my computer was still at the shop.  When my computer finally came back, I quickly did a check on a few Google PR checker tools and it’s true, my blog indeed has been promoted to PR4. I can’t believe it, it’s just too good to be true.

This blog of mine is only 6 months old and it has far exceeded its performance beyond my expectation. I’ve worked very hard and I’ve sacrificed many things to achieve this ranking. But I can’t be too happy either as this Google PR thingy is fleeting and for all I know, my PR may be demoted in the next exercise just like what had happened to most bloggers in the most recent Google update exercise.

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