Preparation For The Absence

The MIL has been busy clanking pots, pans and spatula in the kitchen for the past few days, dishing up pots after pots of dishes. Not that we are having a feast but the dishes will be our ration for the next 2 months until her return from overseas lol!  The dishes are for deep freezing, to be eaten during her absence, on days when I am in no mood to sweat it up in the kitchen.

A big pot of braised Hakka pork with wan yue (cloud fungus) and dried oysters.  This is the mil’s specialty.

The Hakka pork dish, stored in 3 containers for 3 meals.

Braised chicken with potatoes – enough for 3 meals.

Braised chicken and chicken feet with Chinese chestnuts and mushrooms.

And 3 loafs of walnut wholemeal bread. I think this is enough to last us for over a month 😀

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7 thoughts on “Preparation For The Absence

  1. you are so damn lucky!! we went to MIL place for dinner yesterday and she told me she was stressed trying to get the food to the right taste .. because we normally don’t like her cooking.. and she was happy that I asked to pack food home .. you know, I said that to make her happy .. 😉

  2. wah….not only your MIL do not complain that her DIL can’t cook for her son and grand children, she even would put in so much effort to cook everything for you upfront. You are so blessed, dear 🙂

  3. Is it healthy to store the food for long? If I’m not mistaken, reheating the food again and again is not too healthy either..

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