Pretty Disney Panties

Aren’t these Disney panties pretty?  Even mummy feels like putting them on, especially the ones with little pink and baby blue heart shapes on them.  Mah mah recently sent the girls some Disney’s Marks & Spencer panties.  However the ones for Sherilyn (for ages 3-4) are really small and tight, even for my little skinny rascal. The ones for Alycia (ages 4-5) are just right but I think she would outgrow them in a few months.  But no worries, Sherilyn can wear them if they are still good.  I think I better tell my mil to get 2-4 size bigger for the girls in future.  Once, she got a pack of  Marks & Spencer panties for ages 6-7 for Alycia and they fit her nicely.  Funny this Marks & Spencer – their clothes are always on the large size but the panties are terribly small.  I wonder what body shape the guai low kids have.

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