Sherilyn the menace got punished again…. this time mah mah punished her for her mischief.  You know, each time she goes to the bathroom on her own, I just have a hunch that she will be up to mischief.  This fler can never ever be left alone anywhere for her curious mind and itchy hands will surely be up to some monkey business that will surely make my head explode.  The suspicion will always be confirmed if she goes in for more than 5 minutes or when I hear the sound of water flowing continuously from the tap.  Despite umpteen times warning her and caning her not to play with water, she still does it.  Haih… a leopard’s spots never change… bad habits die hard.  This time, this fler filled the dustbin (which had tissue papers, soiled diapers, etc) in the bathroom with water and then close the lid of the dustbin. When I went into the bathroom to investigate what’s taking her so long, I found the crime! Sherilyn, why oh Sherilyn must you be so naughty?

So mah mah made her stand at the corner and made her hold her ears with her hands… but when mah mah wasn’t looking, she put her hands down….

Quickly drink your water, you want to spill your water again? Mummy will beat you!” Muahahahah……
Here, Alycia jie jie is scolding Sherilyn for not drinking her cup of water again. Alycia wanted to clear the table for dinner and Sher’s cup of water was there. So this good jie jie went to Sherilyn and gave her a good scolding, LOL! 

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18 thoughts on “Punished

  1. awww…..this shot is too cute!! while sherilyn was such a mischief to mumy, aunty finds her sooo kiut, haha coz we r not the one babysitting her ma, LOL!!

  2. heheheh…everytime when i read Sherilyn mischievious, it just so sound like Cruz!!! Cruz also another cheeky, “kwai mah” and full of crazy idea in his mind. But on the other hand, sometime he can be my good helper just like Alycia, help me feeding Fearles meal! hahahhaha

  3. I think your girls are simply adorable. Perhaps little Sherilyn is more bold and daring and as such, get into trouble. However, saying that, it can also mean that she is hard to discipline and disobedient. This can spells loads of trouble in years to come.. If you think now is bad, think again when they all hit their teenage years.

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