Quirky Sherilyn Again

I told ya #2 is really very kwai mar and full of koo leng jeng kwai. Everyday, she comes up with a new quirk, peppered with lots of temper tantrums and whining. Here’s one of her new quirks :

Doing her homework under the table!  Kaik sei lei or not you say?  Tell her to get up?  Nope she won’t listen.  Yell at her?  Oh, that will cause my head to explode and blood pressure to shoot sky high.  Cane her?  I am tired of that, really.  So I just let her be unless she’s up to something that will endanger her own life or that of someone else’s!  Talk about the middle child syndrome.  I have one at home with all the quintessential traits!

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12 thoughts on “Quirky Sherilyn Again

  1. After reading so many times of your second child mischievous behaviors, and my own 2nd brother also another good proof of the second child syndrome do exist. I am a bit holding back to have 3rd child. If I’m not going to have another kid, my second one will be the last child and she won’t give me so much 2nd child problem. What you think?

  2. U’re right, as long as she’s not endangering herself or others, jes let her be. She gets her work done, mummy doesn’t need to yell, everyone’s happy. 🙂

  3. wasn’t quick enuf to comment earlier when you mentioned middle child syndrome on sher. ok, am defending sher (hehe, yes, i’m a middle child and my bro will say i’m still in denial of this syndrome thingy!).

    we need to do things to stand out la – to have our own character?! muahaha…anyway, can relate with sher when she had the jabs. we do look and act tough outside but when it comes to pain, ouch!

    anyhow, i feel sher is very used to naggings and shoutings at her that she probably has selective hearing already. like you said lor, let her be her as long she doesn’t put herself or anyone else in danger. 🙂 and she is one lucky gal to have such a good cher-cher. my elder sis also used to look out for me and give in to me (at times!).

  4. oh ya, adrine is soooo right. get a no.4 so there’s no more middle child syndrome. but seriously, jst thank your lucky stars that she’s doing her homework, chill! nothing wrong with doing her homework under the table even tho it’s not the best position for posture and eyesight. think u’re much of a perfectionist like moi, ; )

  5. Sher got Sing kak (personality). My 2nd child oso trying to ctch my attention with funny things at times but in kindergaterten she is a real leader (according to her teachers & principal).

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