Ramblers Way Super Comfy And Machine Washable Wool Apparel

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One of the things that I dread doing before I go on a holiday to a cold weathered country is packing my bags. I need one medium-size luggage to put all my bulky winter wear and woolen garments. If I were to travel to a cold weathered country with my 3 girls now, I think I will need an extra large suit case to stuff in all our bulky woolen wear and paraphernalia. Another thing that I dislike is wearing the heavy woolen garments that would also send itch all over my body each time I wear them. As I was surfing the internet today, I discovered Ramblers Way’s super comfy, itch-free and next-to-skin soft worsted wool apparel.

I was browsing their website and was fascinated to learn that the Ramblers Way Farm uses a modern technology to manufacture smooth and luxurious wool from their sheep to create woolen garments that are light and super soft that can be worn year-round. Ramblers Way fleeces are cleaned using an environmental enzyme wash, not chlorine like many of the manufacturers, thus their wool clothing is machine washable.

If I were given a $200 shopping voucher to shop at Ramblers Way, I will buy this scoop neck short sleeve long top for my mum. My mum who feels cold easily would sometimes wear an inner wear under her blouse when she goes to cold places, and even to restaurants and shopping malls. This sleek, soft and super comfy wool top is an all-purpose garment and can be worn under any type of clothing, no matter how loose or tight, without bunching up or showing.

Though Ramblers Way apparel are slightly expensive, you can be rest assured that you are paying for a good quality product made in the USA from a family that is environmentally conscious and genuinely care for their sheep. Do visit their website at the link provided to check out their range of products.

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