Ranting – Writing Paid Posts

I have just written and submitted a post for a review company. It has so many requirements attached to the offer in complicated instructions I almost went berserk. I had accepted this offer in the morning at about 9am and only managed to submit the post at 12noon. There were just too much disruptions in between. Lately, my 2 gals, especially Sherilyn, want so much of my attention. They want me to sit with them to do things with them almost the entire day! I am trying to concentrate typing but my 2 gals are constantly whining and fussing and tugging me. I tell you, I can go crazy like this. Lately, they also do not want to nap during the daytime, so that leaves me with no time to do my paid posts. That’s the reason why I have to wake up at ungodly hours in the wee hours of the morning to complete my assignments.

I have not been visiting many of my friends’ blogs lately as most of my time is just spent trying to complete assignments, reading to my gals, playing puzzles with them, drawing with them, attending to their wishes, whimps and fancies, etc. etc. Sorry…. i’ll try and drop by your blog today and kay poh to see what’s been happening. I still have a few more uncompleted assignments but i’ll give myself a rest first.

Aarrrggh…. Alycia is whining again screaming “i want mummy, i want mummy, i dont want kakak!!! “

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8 thoughts on “Ranting – Writing Paid Posts

  1. I do wonder how most mommies do it, with multiple blogs some more other than sacrifice their zzzz.

    Spending too much time on the PC already made me feel guilty. Then there’s “mummy, come play with me”, “mummy, have you finish? a little bit more work ah?” and can often hear me saying “wait huh, a little while more” or “go play with didi first, mummy coming” Geeze…it’s tough to earn money this way

  2. Hahaha… these words look so familiar. I guess these are the commonly said words by blogging mummies.

  3. actually when i see an opportunity that’s too complicated, i let it pass, i don’t wanna have a headache, hehe.

    I agree , even my kids tell me that. Oh well, what can we do, as much as possible we try to balance our time, 24 hrs is just not enough =(

  4. It’s lucky your husband does not protest your regime on the computer :D. Most guys love to use the computer and they think that women don’t need to use it excessively so they moan when they see the computers are occupied.

  5. Girlie… yesterday, i told myself that i will not accept offers that are complicated to write and those that require me to write 300 words and above and pays me peanuts anymore. You’re right, they are not worth the headache.

    Cherry… my hubby does complain about me spending too much time on the computer, so when he’s around, i try not to do so excessively.

  6. u know, few days back Qiqi was sitting quietly with me, waiting for me to send her to sleep. I keep telling her to wait ya, wait ya…until she cried out at last, told me that she has waited very long…..how sad she makes me feel…

  7. Hi
    I admire the fact that you are earning income from just having a blog which is so new.

    I’m a novice and would like to make money from writing so that I can retire from my job and care for my kids.

    I’ve submitted my very first blog (still struggling) and got rejected. Reasons are no google pages rank and not enough indexed pages.

    can u share with me how to go about this?
    thanks a million

  8. JH… tks 4 visiting my blog.

    You can go to
    to submit your blog url to Google.

    Another tip, if your blog is rejected the first time, try to submit again, if rejected again, then resubmit again until it gets approved. This is what I did and normally after the 3rd time resubmitting, my blog gets approved. Sometimes, you may have to write to the advertisers to convince them why your blog should be approved.

    Hope this helps and I hope you can one day realize your dreams of becoming a WAHM.

    Good luck.

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