Refreshing Salad With Satay Sauce

I concocted this very delish, light and refreshing meat-free salad for lunch yesterday.

Royale Butterhead leaves with satay sauce (made by hubby’s cook), two spoonfuls of ginger + egg fried rice with garlic and sesame seed oil (black rice and Basmati rice) and Ipoh pomelo (pink and white).


I still have another head of Royal Butterhead and it looks like I am going to have salad for lunch again today.  I really need something light for lunch today as I’ve just gorged on 5 seeds of Musang King durians and a handful of poppy seeds corn chips for breakfast just now and guilt-stricken now! 😀


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One thought on “Refreshing Salad With Satay Sauce

  1. will you be hungry again before dinner time with only having light salad? I for sure will look for something in the afternoon tea break..:D

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